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Honda REMIX Concept Shines Brightly at Los Angeles Auto Show
 Date: November 29, 2006 14:10
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: Honda Press Release
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

Styling concept mixes sports car attitude with everyday functionality

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 29, 2006 – The Honda REMIX small sport concept vehicle made its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. The REMIX explores the shape and design of a two-seat sports car focused on agile and fun-to-drive performance that can also provide exceptional practicality as a daily driver.

Sports car in shape and design, the low-slung REMIX features a wrap-around canopy that adds a fighter jet-feel to the driving experience. The aluminum-color exterior accentuates every line and curve in the geometric, yet fluid styling. Capable of delivering more than just driving performance, the rear storage area supplies generous cargo room.

“Pure Honda to the core, the REMIX concept vehicle focuses on a simple, lightweight and fun-to-drive philosophy,” said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “The concept balances sports car virtues with real-world practicality.”

The REMIX Small Sport Concept is a product of the Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Advanced Design Studio in Southern California. Purely a design concept, the vehicle is fashioned around a front-wheel drive small car platform with a 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed manual transmission. A sport suspension, along with aggressive tires and brakes, further supplement its performance side.

“The REMIX blends familiar Honda themes into a new, fresh design,” said Ben Davidson, REMIX lead designer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. “Smooth and fluid surfaces provide a sports car identity to the geometric shapes that form the functional aspect of this vehicle.”

Honda R&D Americas, Inc., began its operations in California in 1975 with local market research activities and has steadily grown its capabilities over the past 30 years to include all aspects of new vehicle design and development. Recent development efforts include trend-setting products like the Honda Ridgeline, Pilot, Element, Civic Coupe and Civic Si.

The company will operate 10 major facilities in North America with the addition of two new design centers by the end of 2007. More than 1,300 designers, engineers and support personnel are engaged in the development of Honda and Acura passenger cars, motorcycles and power equipment products for North America and global markets. Its main centers of operation include the Los Angeles Center (Torrance) responsible for market research, concept development and styling design; the Ohio Center (Raymond, Ohio) responsible for complete product development, testing and support of North American supplier and manufacturing operations; and two dynamic test facilities in Mojave Desert, California, and East Liberty, Ohio.

Visit the TOV's 2006 LA Auto Show Gallery (Registration Required)

Last edited by JeffX on February 01, 2008 10:32

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11-30-2006 19:48 "Future Models & Concepts" link on Hondacars.com!!   (Score: 1, Normal) R-Z
11-30-2006 20:46 Nurnie
12-01-2006 16:48 R-Z
12-10-2006 09:13 4FC
12-07-2006 20:58 Beauty Is How it Runs   (Score: 1, Normal) Road Race
12-04-2006 22:31 The Next CR-X... It's NOT!   (Score: 1, Normal) DaHarder
12-03-2006 18:12 Front End   (Score: 1, Normal) longlivehonda
12-04-2006 09:01 Nick GravesX
11-30-2006 19:56 Has great potential   (Score: 1, Normal) dadliboi
12-01-2006 16:35 JIRZLEE
12-02-2006 13:29 Nick GravesX
12-04-2006 08:30 Dren
12-03-2006 18:13 Front End   (Score: 1, Normal) longlivehonda
11-29-2006 14:39 CRemiX?   (Score: 1, Normal) FlanaganID
11-29-2006 14:53 Nick GravesX
11-29-2006 17:48 Hutchins
11-29-2006 15:15 6SPDTL
11-29-2006 15:32 330R
11-29-2006 15:42 330R
11-29-2006 16:36 papapoly
11-29-2006 17:28 &REY
11-29-2006 19:20 Powered by Honda
11-29-2006 18:03 md52
11-30-2006 07:31 Dren
11-30-2006 15:52 Powered by Honda
11-30-2006 21:31 Stephen
11-30-2006 22:49 blu
12-01-2006 01:42 Nurnie
12-01-2006 20:03 Chris_pnoy
12-01-2006 22:58 daveG
12-01-2006 22:59 daveG
12-01-2006 23:32 Kn1ves
12-03-2006 08:04 Nick GravesX
11-29-2006 20:54 The new Honda Gremlin X!   (Score: 1, Normal) 50MileSmile
11-29-2006 22:56 Kojak
11-30-2006 10:57 FNJ
12-01-2006 14:00 VTEC of Temple
12-01-2006 14:17 330R
11-29-2006 15:19 Too weird even for a Honda concept car   (Score: 1, Normal) V6Acc6s
11-29-2006 15:35 Mechanic
11-30-2006 19:36 Bafflegas
12-01-2006 10:18 Anthonywenzel
11-29-2006 16:52 JeffX
11-29-2006 17:02 televascular
11-29-2006 17:08 330R
11-29-2006 17:09 330R
11-29-2006 17:17 GoldenChild
11-29-2006 22:38 aznstuart
12-01-2006 12:14 CarGuy37
11-30-2006 19:00 blu
11-30-2006 17:09 MR Layout   (Score: 1, Normal) CarGuy37
12-01-2006 11:56 CarGuy37
11-30-2006 08:01 Hey, you American guys - what´s wrong with you?   (Score: 1, Normal) King77
11-30-2006 09:28 Dren
11-30-2006 12:52 330R
11-30-2006 14:25 King77
11-30-2006 15:30 330R
11-30-2006 16:15 King77
11-30-2006 17:06 330R
11-30-2006 22:59 civclovr
11-30-2006 21:26 LOVE the idea, not feeling the styling   (Score: 1, Normal) dynatos
11-29-2006 15:33 sweet...   (Score: 1, Normal) SoR
11-29-2006 16:09 Rush
11-29-2006 16:12 Rush
11-30-2006 20:44 SoR
11-29-2006 14:58 From Torrance via Trollhattan?   (Score: 1, Normal) dampflok
11-29-2006 15:21 V6Acc6s
11-29-2006 15:58 dampflok
11-29-2006 22:53 2vtecs
11-30-2006 18:53 Nick GravesX
11-30-2006 06:38 It's not daring, but why not use the Civic front end for the new CRX   (Score: 1, Normal) SoupedUpMonkey
11-30-2006 18:51 Nick GravesX
11-29-2006 19:26 CRX returns eh?   (Score: 1, Normal) Powered by Honda
11-29-2006 23:47 Demitri434
11-30-2006 02:15 Powered by Honda
11-30-2006 12:59 Demitri434
11-30-2006 14:54 Powered by Honda
11-30-2006 07:11 Honda's Smart Roadster   (Score: 1, Normal) 94sir
11-30-2006 12:58 330R
11-29-2006 22:27 This one has Classy written all over!!!   (Score: 1, Normal) 2vtecs
11-29-2006 22:53 krazeericeboi54
11-29-2006 23:02 2vtecs
11-29-2006 19:46 Liftback   (Score: 1, Normal) Potenza
11-29-2006 19:57 TonyEX
11-29-2006 20:14 330R
11-29-2006 17:40 Good God...   (Score: 1, Normal) DaWolfman
11-29-2006 17:50
  • But...   (Score: 1, Normal)
11-29-2006 17:42 Remix + Step Bus Platform ????   (Score: 1, Normal) Scott SiR
11-29-2006 17:15 Slammed Vehicross   (Score: 1, Normal) Varmint
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