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Acura 'MD-X Concept' Debuts at New York International Auto Show
 Date: April 12, 2006 11:12
 Submitted by:  RyanDL
 Source: Acura Press Release
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

Production Model to Goes on Sale This Fall

New York 04/12/2006 --

The Acura "MD-X Concept" luxury performance SUV made its world debut today at the 2006 New York International Auto Show featuring bold, sleek exterior styling indicative of the next generation MDX production model.

"Every aspect of the MD-X Concept design conveys performance while still retaining SUV functionality," said John Mendel, senior vice president, auto operations. "The styling signifies a bold direction for the next generation MDX, both in appearance and substance."

The MD-X Concept is fashioned as a true driver's SUV, with its low, wide stance and aggressive design. Its sleek surface lines are modeled after a high-powered megayacht.

The MD-X Concept features a wider track and longer wheelbase that give the vehicle a sportier, performance look. The profile of the concept reveals a refined SUV with smooth, chiseled lines and an elegant form. A dominant character line runs from the front quarter panel to the rear, evoking the feeling of forward movement. The sharply raked D-pillar creates a stealth, aerodynamic appearance while still retaining the third row seating functionality and cargo carrying capability of the current generation MDX.

The Concept sits low to the ground despite the large 20-inch five-spoke custom alloy wheels, while the large wheel arches and flares add to the Concept's muscular appearance. The sleek cabin features flush mounted windshield glass, which improves aerodynamics while adding to the MD-X Concept's smooth and flowing design.

"The smooth lines and sleek shape of the MD-X Concept challenge the conventions of SUV design," said Ricky Hsu, chief designer for the MD-X Concept. "Our goal was to create the image of a sports sedan while maintaining generous interior volume and utility of a SUV."

The front hood is accented with pronounced character lines culminating in an aggressive five-sided grille, which gives the MD-X its bold presence. The commanding front grille features a dominant center bar running through a solid aluminum face. The narrow, Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights appear to grow out of the massive grille, giving the overall front-end a strong, distinct look.

"The front end of the MD-X Concept communicates power and prestige," explains Hsu. "We want drivers to do a double-take when the vehicle passes them on the road."

In the rear, the MD-X Concept has an integrated rear hatch, which sits flush against the bumper to create a smooth, clean appearance. LED taillights wrap around the cargo hatch adding to the vehicles wide and low appearance. A rear spoiler improves aerodynamics and the integrated dual exhaust pipes add to the SUV's sporty style.

The next generation MDX production model will be available this fall, bringing a whole new level of performance and sophistication to the Acura light truck lineup. Track-tuned at the famed Nurburging in Germany, the all-new MDX will feature outstanding performance and handling. Equipped with a powerful, class leading V6 engine and coupled with Acura's exclusive Super Handling All -Wheel Drive(TM) (SH-AWD(TM)), the next generation MDX will re-invent the luxury SUV segment just as it did when it first debuted.

Last edited by JeffX on April 12, 2006 16:02

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Date Subject User
04-12-2006 13:59 Production MDX spy pic?   (Score: 1, Normal) nas00
04-12-2006 14:34 cyisalwayshungry
04-12-2006 15:03 PoweredByJIA
04-12-2006 22:36 Bence
04-13-2006 15:20 JonBoy
04-18-2006 00:17 Bence
04-18-2006 09:22 JonBoy
04-18-2006 12:28 Bence
04-18-2006 13:08 JonBoy
04-18-2006 22:27 Bence
04-13-2006 15:54 Brutus
04-14-2006 20:22 Acura Type S'in
04-16-2006 16:00 JonBoy
04-12-2006 22:44 Not a balanced look...   (Score: 1, Normal) Bence
04-12-2006 23:57 crimson002
04-13-2006 11:17 80honda
04-13-2006 13:26 Prox Enmity
04-15-2006 10:15 Bence
04-18-2006 22:02 Preludean
04-13-2006 14:17 crimson002
04-13-2006 22:44 Kaiso King
04-14-2006 07:21 BIG-JG
04-15-2006 01:41 Preludean
04-15-2006 07:07 BIG-JG
04-12-2006 15:09 Big Disappointment   (Score: 1, Normal) KC88
04-12-2006 15:40 Kaiso King
04-13-2006 16:02 CD5acrd
04-13-2006 22:40 Kaiso King
04-18-2006 16:16 CD5acrd
04-18-2006 20:35 Kaiso King
04-15-2006 11:21 Too much AWD   (Score: 1, Normal) lil_azn
04-15-2006 12:51 2KRPM
04-16-2006 12:05 Great_Tubimi
04-15-2006 01:55 Grille - ouch :(   (Score: 1, Normal) jpm
04-15-2006 03:15 pao
04-15-2006 10:30 2KRPM
04-15-2006 11:17 DevilMayCry
04-15-2006 01:55 Nasty...from a Honda loyist....   (Score: 1, Normal) Powered by Honda
04-15-2006 01:58 Powered by Honda
04-15-2006 10:49 2KRPM
04-14-2006 07:17 Who here wishes for an MDX with 3rd row that folds like an Odyssey?   (Score: 1, Normal) oldmancivic
04-14-2006 10:33 Wizard
04-15-2006 04:05 Colin
04-14-2006 15:44 Clean, solid, beautiful design   (Score: 1, Normal) rayjha
04-14-2006 16:34 CivicB18
04-12-2006 17:38 V6   (Score: 1, Normal) lil_azn
04-12-2006 20:31
  • Re: V6   (Score: 1, Normal)
Kaiso King
04-14-2006 02:25
    • Re: V6   (Score: 1, Normal)
04-14-2006 10:31
  • Re: V6   (Score: 1, Normal)
04-12-2006 11:25 Any news on engine & tranny   (Score: 1, Normal) BB25
04-12-2006 11:37 magueto
04-12-2006 17:43 BB25
04-12-2006 22:58 magueto
04-13-2006 10:24 BB25
04-12-2006 15:46 RyanDL
04-12-2006 17:16 shingles
04-12-2006 17:37 RyanDL
04-12-2006 12:58 Looks Good   (Score: 1, Normal) Varmint
04-12-2006 13:17 Honda Fan
04-12-2006 18:02 HONDA AFVM
04-12-2006 18:14 RyanDL
04-12-2006 20:32 Varmint
04-12-2006 22:40 HONDA AFVM
04-13-2006 09:47 Antigen
04-13-2006 09:44 Towing Capacity   (Score: 1, Normal) tmalzahn
04-13-2006 09:39 I don't like the rear end   (Score: 1, Normal) tmalzahn
04-12-2006 12:32 Is it just my computer...   (Score: 1, Normal) blu
04-12-2006 12:41 Nick GravesX
04-12-2006 12:54 iNteGRaz92
04-12-2006 14:12 krazeericeboi54
04-12-2006 14:58 jimmyp5
04-12-2006 15:44 Kaiso King
04-12-2006 17:52 Tuan
04-12-2006 16:57 Beautiful!!   (Score: 1, Normal) buddha
04-12-2006 16:58 crimson002
04-12-2006 14:16 pictures   (Score: 1, Normal) cyisalwayshungry
04-12-2006 11:40 Pics at Acuranews.com   (Score: 1, Normal) cksi1372
04-12-2006 11:35 MDX Concept Pix   (Score: 1, Normal) T.S.X.
04-12-2006 11:16 Pictures are processing...   (Score: 1, Normal) RyanDL
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