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What's in store for model year 2011? Part I - Honda
 Date: May 27, 2010 10:00
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: TOV News
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

The two biggest items on the agenda for Honda in 2011 will be the launch of the sportyish hybrid CR-Z model, and the all-new for 2011 Odyssey.

  • Accord Launched as a 2008 model, the 8th generation Accord will be receiving its MMC this fall. Except for the addition of a new SE trim level, we haven't heard much about what to expect. We feel it's pretty safe to assume the Accord will be brought up to speed a little bit on the feature front, particularly with respect to USB device connectivity, and possibly the more advanced Active Sound Control system that debuted in the Accord Crosstour last fall. Otherwise, beyond a minor refresh on the styling, we anticipate the 2011 Accord MMC to be pretty minor.
    Summary: New SE trim level splitting the difference between LX and EX models, otherwise, not much expected from MMC.
    Watch For: Next-gen Accord should be arriving in model year 2013.
    Available: August/Sept.
  • Accord CrossTour Many people think that the Accord CrossTour and Acura ZDX are closely related. They are similar concepts with overlapping target markets, but from a mechanical standpoint these two vehicles are very different. The ZDX is essentially a chopped MDX while (as its name implies) the CrossTour is a reconfigured Accord V6. If our sources are correct, though, the 2011 Accord CrossTour will benefit from a new 6-speed automatic transmission. The Acura ZDX launched with a 6AT, so that will make one less differentiator on the spec sheet.
    Summary: New 6AT will improve performance and fuel efficiency.
    Watch For: MMC in 2013
    Available: September
  • Civic If things were normal, the Civic would be receiving a redesign (FMC) for model year 2011, but things haven't been normal, so as we reported here more than a year ago, the Civic's redesign has been delayed, and 2011 will be the 6th model year for the 8th generation Civic. Why was it delayed? The official story is that "Changing market conditions and tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations affected the development of the upcoming Civic" (source: Automotive News). Rumor has it that the 9th generation Civic design was larger than the current model, but the midstream redesign has shrunk it back to dimensions that are much closer to the current model. Other than that, the whispers have been fairly muted concerning the 2012 models. We have been reassured that the Si will continue to be a fixture in the Civic lineup. We have also heard that the Si could possibly be getting a larger engine in the form of the K24. As for the standard Civic models, quite a while back we heard the base engine could be bumped up in size to 2.0L (R20?) but we haven't heard much else since. There have been rumors that the 2011 model year would be a shortened run and that the 2012s would launch earlier in the year (we've heard everything ranging from "early spring" to June) than the typical Fall timeframe, but at this point there has been no confirmation on timing. Hopefully Honda will use the Detroit Auto Show to reveal the Si prototype and generate some much needed excitement.
    Summary: Few changes until 2012 FMC.
    Watch For: Will 2012 model be released early in 2011?
    Available: Autumn
  • CR-V The CR-V received its MMC last fall, receiving a bump in power and some new features. Apart from a new SE trim level to bridge the gap between LX and EX models, few changes are expected for 2011.
    Summary: New SE trim level.
    Watch For: FMC in model year 2012.
    Available: Autumn
  • CR-Z The CR-Z is already onsale in Europe and Japan, and will be reaching our shores by this fall. The production version of the US model debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in January.
    Summary: 122hp hybrid 6MT, up to 38mpg
    Watch For: Future Sportier Model?
    Available: Autumn
  • Element The last update to the Element occurred in 2008. About a year ago, we were told that Honda was readying a replacement for the Element, but at this point we haven't heard anything else about it, so the future of the Element is a little bit unclear.
    Summary: The Element is the oldest model in the current lineup. Future is uncertain at this point.
    Watch For: FMC in 2012 (or will there be one?)
    Available: ??
  • FCX Clarity The FCX Clarity continues to trickle out to pre-selected customers.
    Summary: The world's only "mass produced" fuel-cell vehicle is a truly groundbreaking and game-changing product.
    Watch For: Deep-sea hydrogen spills. Oh, wait.
    Available: Only if you're on the "list"
  • Fit The Fit is entering the third year of its cycle, so we're not expecting any changes of note for 2011. Next year should be the MMC, and Honda is working on a Fit hybrid but as of this point we don't have any firm confirmations that the hybrid version will be offered in the US market.
    Watch For: MMC next year, possible Hybrid model in US?
    Available: Autumn
  • Insight The Insight has failed to meet sales expectations by a significant margin so there are rumors suggesting that its cycle may be cut short by a year. If these rumors are true, then an MMC would be highly unlikely.
    Summary: No expected changes of note
    Watch For: FMC as soon as 2013
    Available: Autumn
  • Odyssey 2010 marks the 6th year of the current Odyssey's model cycle, and a replacement will be in showrooms this fall. With the 2011 Odyssey, Honda has placed greater emphasis on styling and efficiency. The new model will feature V6-only power (with VCM cylinder cut technology) and a 6-speed automatic transmission - a combo that's said to be good for an EPA highway rating of 28mpg. On the feature front, according to Honda the new Odyssey will offer two different rear entertainment systems. One of them features a 16.2" widescreen LCD which is capable of simultaneously displaying two different sources side by side. This RES also features an HDMI input, supporting hi-def sources such as video game systems and hi-def video players (WDTV Live, anyone?). A premium audio system will also be offered with 15GB of HDD storage (this implies that the HDD will be shared with an HDD-based navigation system with VGA display)
    Summary: Honda's roomiest people mover gets a full makeover for 2011.
    Watch For: The Odyssey takes another step forward.
    Available: Autumn
  • Pilot Following a rocky start, Pilots are currently selling at a good rate thanks in no small part to easing gas prices and aggressive lease and finance deals. Few changes are expected until the MMC, which should take place in model year 2012. At that point, don't be surprised to see the 6-speed automatic hooked to the 3.5L V6.
    Summary: Expect few changes and continued great deals on 2010 Pilots.
    Watch For: MMC with 6AT in 2012(?)
    Available: Autumn
  • Ridgeline The Ridgeline was quietly updated for the 2009 model year. The changes were worthy but to the average buyer, most of them were largely invisible. Much like the Element, there is some uncertainty surrounding the Ridgeline's future. The last we heard on it (from reliable sources) was that Honda was busy working on a next generation model, but it has been a while since we've heard from these sources, and since then there has been word that the Ridgeline may not have a successor.
    Summary: Carryover from 2010.
    Watch For: Will there be an FMC?
    Available: Autumn

  • Last edited by JeffX on May 27, 2010 21:23

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