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New York Auto Show Day 1 Brief
 Date: April 12, 2006 17:51
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: TOV News
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

I've already submitted this once and was victimized by a unfortunately timed Firefox crash {curses mozilla under his breath} so as we're being booted soon, this is going to be REALLY brief. Thanks to the timing of the Acura press conference, and the fact that we were unable to get any of the materials in advance, we wasted a lot of time processing pics and the press releases here in the media center following Acura's press conference. Then after that we ran back upstairs with our video gear and interviewed the LPLs for the RDX and MDX, the exterior designer of the MDX, and Robert Clarke, president of Honda Performance Development.

We heard lots of good stuff, but here are a few items of interest regarding the RDX and MDX.

  • The motor is officially a K-series. The label on the side reads K23A1
  • It sounds like this is a 2-rocker (mild) implementation of VTEC, rather than a 3-rocker system. This would explain the lowish 6800 rpm redline.
  • The chassis is said to be best in class in terms of torsional and bending rigidity. Of course that's compared to the current FX35, X3, etc.
  • Due to the high torque output from the pressurised K23 (13.5psi max boost) the transmission is actually borrowed from the J-series V6 family. In fact, its a very close cousin to the RL's transmission, which uses a 4-shaft design.
  • Onsale date is July, with a price range of around $30-37k.


  • Due to the fact that the MD-X is still officially a concept, we didn't get a lot of information on the car. What we did get was a wealth of enthusiasm from the LPL and exterior designer. They are understandably very happy to show off the '07 MD-X Concept.
  • The emphasis of the design is performance and passion. Acura is making bold claims of superb driving dynamics. At the same time, the MDX is said to retain its core competencies.
  • The chassis tuning was developed on the Nurburgring and the Autobahn with the help of HRI Germany.
  • The MDX's engine will be the most powerful ever offered in any Honda or Acura automotive product to that point
  • The V6 is said to be completely new, yet we've heard from multiple sources otherwise that it it's an evolution of the J-series family. Note that Acura also claims the RDX's 4-cylinder is "all-new" yet in reality it's still a K-series motor.

The only other vehicle I was able to take a look at today was the 2007 G35. The exterior looks a bit more muscular now and the interior seems to be a big step forward from the '06 model. The materials have a bit more substance, the gauges appear to be lifted directly from an Acura, and the G35 shown today uses some sort of trim that I've never seen used in anything else. I'm not even sure how to describe it, and the photos in the subpar carshow lighting aren't really too faithful, either. It's almost like a galvanic faux metal finish rendered in fiberglass. It's very light - almost white in color. In any case, the G35 is an improvement overall.

Last edited by JeffX on April 12, 2006 19:01

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04-12-2006 20:07 About that aluminum pattern on the G35   (Score: 1, Normal) dydx
04-12-2006 23:40 RyanDL
04-13-2006 05:42 Nick GravesX
04-14-2006 23:55 PINOCHET
04-17-2006 22:36 dydx
04-12-2006 21:48 Copycat Infiniti   (Score: 1, Normal) osaze
04-12-2006 23:56 hairPin
04-13-2006 10:29 iNteGRaz92
04-13-2006 11:03 Patuww
04-13-2006 13:24 Torque
04-14-2006 17:28 TeC
04-16-2006 12:29 NiSMO.|[R]|
04-17-2006 00:50 iharry
04-13-2006 15:58 Honda-D
04-12-2006 20:27 Infiniti Imitators   (Score: 1, Normal) Cran
04-12-2006 23:51 dampfnudel
04-13-2006 16:06 Honda-D
04-14-2006 17:26 TeC
04-16-2006 03:07
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Alex Wilson
04-12-2006 18:59 Most powerful engine yet?   (Score: 1, Normal) dampflok
04-12-2006 19:50 Acura Type S'in
04-12-2006 23:12 HONDA AFVM
04-12-2006 20:14 dydx
04-12-2006 21:41 roninsi02
04-12-2006 22:45 OwAce
04-12-2006 22:56 aznstuart
04-12-2006 23:16 HONDA AFVM
04-12-2006 23:45 RyanDL
04-13-2006 00:24 HONDA AFVM
04-13-2006 09:34 JeffX
04-13-2006 16:54 MARCVTEC2000
04-13-2006 16:58 asuche03
04-13-2006 00:25 v6accord99
04-13-2006 00:32 MugenLee
04-13-2006 08:36 Frogger
04-14-2006 09:58 typer_801
04-14-2006 12:27 T.S.X.
04-15-2006 04:01
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04-12-2006 18:46 Nice...what about the RSX?   (Score: 1, Normal) Viperb0nd7
04-12-2006 18:51 magueto
04-12-2006 20:41 Viperb0nd7
04-12-2006 20:54 shingles
04-12-2006 21:20 NSXman
04-12-2006 21:38 Jinzo
04-12-2006 22:21 Stevens24
04-12-2006 22:30 Viperb0nd7
04-12-2006 23:32 HONDA AFVM
04-12-2006 23:20 HONDA AFVM
04-12-2006 22:28 magueto
04-12-2006 23:49 RyanDL
04-13-2006 00:03 Kn1ves
04-13-2006 00:12 HONDA AFVM
04-13-2006 18:36 Colin
04-13-2006 22:04
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04-14-2006 05:50
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04-13-2006 11:08 Future NSX info?   (Score: 1, Normal) QUELUDE
04-13-2006 09:57 Oh no…   (Score: 1, Normal) HONDA_99
04-13-2006 01:42 Back looks like Audi Q7   (Score: 1, Normal) Terencemunro
04-13-2006 05:14 uneek
04-12-2006 18:51 Wrong picture   (Score: 1, Normal) ecsw
04-12-2006 18:04 J37? Possible?   (Score: 1, Normal) KenB
04-12-2006 18:28 98EX4cyl
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