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European Accord Press Release
 Date: September 10, 2002 09:11
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: http://world.honda.com/news/2002/4020910.html
 Credibility Rating: 10

All-New Accord Targets Quality Sports Segment

Slough, September 10, 2002 --- Honda Motor Europe Ltd. today reveals details of an all-new European Accord, which is to be debuted at the Paris Motor Show (press days: 26 - 27th September; open to the public 28th September - 13th October), firmly targeted at the quality sports saloon market.

Distinctive styling, greater driving enjoyment from two lively DOHC i-VTEC engines and a tauter, more finely tuned chassis, are matched with a roomier cabin, increased levels of safety, greater refinement, superb fit and finish and high fuel efficiency.

The 155 PS (114 kW) 2.0 litre engine delivers peak torque of 190 Nm at 4,500 rpm, and can be equipped with either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic with Sequential Sports Shift. The 2.4 litre engine, providing 190 PS (140 kW) at 6,800 rpm, and torque of 220 Nm at 4,500 rpm, is mated to the same automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. Both engines are fully EU2005 compliant.

In recognition of the importance placed on carbon dioxide emissions in UK vehicle taxation, particularly in the company car sector, Honda is also making available two high fuel economy variants of the 2.0 litre model, the Econo and Comfort, specifically for that market. They feature revised gearing, an Electric Power Steering system and a number of weight saving measures, to achieve outstanding fuel efficiency.

Standing out from the crowd

In a market segment noted for its conservatism, the Accord's distinctive and stylish design signals its individuality from the outset. Harmonious proportions are characterised by a high curvature glass area and an aerodynamically efficient bluff rear end, and the Accord's outstanding ability to penetrate the air results in a drag coefficient of Cd 0.26, placing it at the very forefront of the D-segment.

While the wheelbase remains unchanged, overall dimensions are increased, contributing to a more spacious cabin.

Comprehensively equipped

An enhanced specification includes rain sensitive wipers on selected models, a revised optional DVD satellite navigation system with touch screen operation and CD/radio packages offered as standard throughout the range. With the exception of the 2.0 litre Econo model (RHD) and 2.0 litre Comfort model (LHD), all Accords are equipped with dual zone climate control air conditioning.

Front and side airbags are now complemented on certain models by curtain airbags to offer enhanced safety in the event of a side impact.

The aerodynamic package is matched by a chassis developed in Europe to provide a strong sense of stability, using Honda's established and respected double wishbone front and 5-link double wishbone rear suspension, revised in a number of key areas.

The chassis's effectiveness is helped by a bodyshell that possesses even higher levels of dynamic stiffness. 2.4 litre models have the added advantage of VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), and all models are equipped with ABS, EBD and brake assist.

Built in Japan, the Accord saloon offered in Europe will be similar to that on sale in Japan. The US market has a different Accord sedan, built in the US, dimensionally different and tailored specifically for that market.

Sales start in 2003

Available at launch as a saloon only, the simplified European Accord line-up makes its public debut at the Paris Salon in September, with sales commencing in early 2003. Later in the year, the Accord range will become the first to be offered with Honda's all-new, in-house developed diesel engine. This eagerly awaited debut looks set to redefine current diesel benchmark criteria.

New European Accord 2.0L SPORT

Last edited by JeffX on September 10, 2002 12:14

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09-10-2002 09:40 TSX..   (Score: 1, Normal) hondafan
09-10-2002 10:35 floundericiousMI
09-10-2002 11:23 magueto
09-11-2002 07:26 9000RPM
09-10-2002 12:33 DangerDog
09-11-2002 07:30 9000RPM
09-11-2002 09:47 kevlar1
09-11-2002 19:15 magueto
09-12-2002 02:22 OpenWheelRacing
09-12-2002 18:38 importracer
09-13-2002 09:54 kevlar1
09-13-2002 23:01 Wizard
09-14-2002 17:49 TonyEX
09-15-2002 10:29 CanadaCraig
09-11-2002 12:09 DangerDog
09-12-2002 02:19 9000RPM
09-12-2002 07:53 AccordMan
09-12-2002 11:35 Type R-Positive
09-11-2002 11:29 TonyEX
09-10-2002 13:57 NismoSkylineGTR
09-10-2002 14:55 floundericiousMI
09-10-2002 15:11 hondafan
09-11-2002 07:34 9000RPM
09-11-2002 11:50 TonyEX
09-13-2002 12:01 Vinny
09-13-2002 12:08 Vinny
09-10-2002 13:57 NismoSkylineGTR
09-10-2002 14:59 own4
09-10-2002 15:30 iNteGRaz92
09-10-2002 16:26 AznSupastar
09-10-2002 16:52 floundericiousMI
09-10-2002 17:08 IvoG
09-10-2002 19:14 floundericiousMI
09-10-2002 22:39 dydx
09-11-2002 11:54
                  • EOM?   (Score: 1, Normal)
09-11-2002 14:11 floundericiousMI
09-11-2002 21:40 scnh2050
09-12-2002 05:10 floundericiousMI
09-12-2002 01:54 notyper
09-12-2002 18:45 importracer
09-12-2002 18:42 importracer
09-10-2002 23:38 AznSupastar
09-11-2002 20:05 mad_ox1
09-11-2002 22:31 HiFiGuy
09-12-2002 13:02 mad_ox1
09-11-2002 21:15 hnsxr
09-11-2002 22:34 magueto
09-12-2002 04:46 hnsxr
09-12-2002 09:30 magueto
09-15-2002 23:14 iceman6
09-12-2002 01:58 AznSupastar
09-12-2002 01:58 AznSupastar
09-12-2002 18:40 Now This Would Be A GREAT TSX!   (Score: 1, Normal) davhar01
09-12-2002 21:32 AznSupastar
09-10-2002 18:41 From the UK site....   (Score: 1, Normal) Mark34
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