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2006 Civic Sedan Renderings
 Date: May 12, 2005 23:24
 Submitted by:  Tuan
 Source: Best Car Magazine
 Credibility Rating: 6

TOV Member, kiwikungfu, was traveling in Japan recently and picked up the May issue of Best Car Magazine. Inside he found some artist renderings of a 2006 Civic Sedan. It looks like the artist has combined some features of the Civic Si prototype with clean and fresh lines from the current sedan. There also seems to be a mention of the new Hybrid powertrain using a 1.3 liter engine with the IMA. Tell us what you think.

Click on the picture for a larger image. Thanks to the Freitas family, here is a translation:
Starting from the left hand corner...
"The Civic will have a 1.3 liter gasoline engine with automatic transmission and IMA capable of getting 30 KM/L or better in fuel economy.

Over to the main body on the right hand side...
The Civic will be introduced this September at the Geneva(??*) Motor Show. New Civic will have a 5-door design. Japan themselves have long enjoyed 4-door cars for a long time. The first discovery of the 5-door is a design that the Japanese are coming to prefer.

The style itself looks like a sports car, but the main point is the hybrid feature. The system has the same IMA, but very sports like, the styling surpasses the previous Civic design of today. The design will efficiently be welcomed in today's great market place. "

Editor's NOTE: While the car depicted in this drawing looks interesting, and appears to be a fairly reasonable representation of the 2006 North American Civic Sedan, it's pretty clear that this drawing is not fully accurate. First of all, the one set of spy shots that we've seen clearly shows a front quarter window, and the car in those photos has been verified to be the real '06 Civic. Secondly, if you look at the side view/cutaway above, take a look at the front wheel placement - there is virtually zero overhang. And note Honda has repeatedly stated in the past that though long front overhangs are difficult to deal with from a styling standpoint, they are an absolute necessity for meeting their safety priorities. On top of that, with a transverse FF transaxle configuration, such wheel placement is also nearly impossible from a packaging standpoint. So this throws off the overall proportions of the sketch. The detailing on the sides and door cutlines appears reasonably accurate, but moving to the rear of the vehicle, we think there are some differences. In these renderings, the trunklid cutlines are tapered too much - it looks good and gives the car a bit of a muscular look, but we know Honda, and we don't think they would sacrifice access to the trunk to such a degree. Also, we're nearly certain that the Civic sedan won't have dual exhausts, nevermind triangular tips.
*As we all know, the Geneva show already took place in March. Honda has officially stated that the production version of the '06 (Euro) Civic will debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Last edited by JeffX on May 13, 2005 10:47

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05-25-2005 16:23 Pictures?   (Score: 1, Normal) PerformanceCook
05-16-2005 18:37 This????   (Score: 1, Normal) Acura fanatic
05-16-2005 19:30 corey415
05-16-2005 20:46 Paulbrownz
05-16-2005 21:37 AcuraCLfuture
05-16-2005 22:55 kiwikungfu
05-17-2005 10:33 corey415
05-13-2005 00:06 TonyE's wife is Japanese, ask her to read it...   (Score: 1, Normal) civic_cx_92
05-13-2005 00:31 kiwikungfu
05-13-2005 00:35 Mike Freitas
05-13-2005 00:38 hondaknight
05-13-2005 02:07 leeman125
05-13-2005 02:55 iNteGRaz92
05-13-2005 02:59 LQH
05-13-2005 03:23 kiwikungfu
05-17-2005 08:26 Dren
05-17-2005 09:37 Paulbrownz
05-13-2005 14:43 Varmint
05-13-2005 07:52 Sledge
05-13-2005 15:00 JeffX
05-13-2005 15:35 Sledge
05-13-2005 15:42 Sledge
05-13-2005 21:23 brbrice
05-14-2005 02:11 gs-legend
05-13-2005 08:03 garfield134
05-13-2005 10:17 enemy
05-13-2005 23:15 4FC
05-13-2005 23:20 aznstuart
05-13-2005 04:24 Terencemunro
05-13-2005 07:07 Rem
05-13-2005 13:54 TonyEX
05-17-2005 00:31 Question?   (Score: 1, Normal) longlivehonda
05-17-2005 00:36 longlivehonda
05-17-2005 00:46 incubus
05-17-2005 01:05 longlivehonda
05-13-2005 02:08 30 KM/L or better in fuel economy???   (Score: 1, Normal) cat in the baby
05-13-2005 03:04 LQH
05-13-2005 07:01 danielgr
05-13-2005 07:31 Hrandy
05-13-2005 11:22 bref
05-13-2005 11:51 danielgr
05-13-2005 12:24 enemy
05-13-2005 13:33 danielgr
05-13-2005 14:48 Paulbrownz
05-13-2005 18:24 Lynx
05-13-2005 18:46 danielgr
05-15-2005 12:36 playeachday
05-16-2005 09:59 bref
05-16-2005 15:45 enemy
05-13-2005 11:09 BiggJ12
05-17-2005 00:57 incubus
05-16-2005 21:49 odyssey bumper?   (Score: 1, Normal) AcuraCLfuture
05-13-2005 06:10 thats not what it looks like   (Score: 1, Normal) tonyd68731
05-13-2005 08:25 99SI
05-13-2005 09:23 Bustanovich
05-13-2005 10:10 99SI
05-13-2005 12:47 Bustanovich
05-13-2005 15:19 BiggJ12
05-13-2005 16:05 99SI
05-15-2005 12:26 BigAlLex
05-15-2005 13:29 jfrolang
05-16-2005 07:01 tonyd68731
05-13-2005 09:48 JeffX
05-13-2005 10:48 RayChuang
05-13-2005 14:29 kiwikungfu
05-13-2005 14:43 civic_cx_92
05-13-2005 16:23 AcuraCLfuture
05-16-2005 00:09 civic_cx_92
05-16-2005 09:12 Wizard
05-16-2005 09:24 80honda
05-13-2005 18:22 5 door variation for North America?   (Score: 1, Normal) F1
05-14-2005 10:50 blue99si
05-14-2005 11:14 F1
05-14-2005 11:28 civicw
05-15-2005 12:22 playeachday
05-16-2005 00:11 80honda
05-14-2005 14:53 Audi A4 rear end   (Score: 1, Normal) NSXman
05-13-2005 07:11 Some info on this mag is not accurate.   (Score: 1, Normal) danielgr
05-13-2005 07:39 Blak_CRX_VT
05-13-2005 09:04 MR/6MT
05-13-2005 10:55 RayChuang
05-13-2005 22:01 Mike Freitas
05-13-2005 13:57 Is that an L motor with CVT?   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
05-13-2005 14:16 danielgr
05-13-2005 11:31 Just a thought on the front overhang...   (Score: 1, Normal) tbongio
05-13-2005 09:18 I see a little A4 in the rear proportions   (Score: 1, Normal) AccordinglyJay
05-13-2005 00:28 the foglights, tailights, and part of the frunt airdam are different than the Si   (Score: 1, Normal) kiwikungfu
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