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Gobsmacked! Mugen Brandishes the 500+hp, 4.0L LM (Legend Max )
 Date: January 17, 2005 14:40
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: AkiraNSX
 Credibility Rating: N/A

The Tokyo Auto Salon is one of those shows that I always hope to attend, but when the time comes, we never have the time (or more importantly, funds) to actually cover it. Fortunately, a TOV reader (AkiraNSX) did attend the show, and was kind enough to share the following photos and information with us.

Mugen Legend Max

The Study Concept Model "LM (LEGEND MAX)"

This is a "combination of racing technology and tuning philosophy." A Mugen Le Mans V8 engine fitted to a further evolved Mugen Legend M1 equipment package.

Specifications and Equipment


  • Engine name: Mugen MF408S
  • Engine type: V8 Naturally Aspirated
  • Displacement: 4.0Liters
  • Horsepower: over 500ps
  • Valvetrain: 32 valves, DOHC


  • Overall Length: 4980mm
  • Overall Width: 1905mm
  • Wheelbase: 2800mm

Wheels and Tires

  • Wheel: 18" Alloy (18x9.5JJ)- they look like Mugen NR wheels with a center cap and in a new color
  • Tire: 275/35R18


  • Rotor: 5 slit
  • Pad: Type Competition
  • Hose: Micro Mesh Brake Lines


  • Exterior: "Increased Advance Body"


  • Seat: bucket type (front)- not the currently available Mugen bucket seats, these have position adjustments


  • Exterior: Firecracker Red
  • Interior: Black and Blue

Mugen MF408S engine
Debuting in the 2002 ALMS (American Le Mans Series), this 4 liter V8 engine has seen action every year since then. In 2004, it was used in the JGTC Series by the VEMAC RD408R GT500 class racing machine.

Specs for the MF408S in the VEMAC RD408R

  • Layout: 90 degree V8 Naturally Aspirated
  • Displacement: 4000cc
  • Horsepower: 590hp / 9500rpm
  • torque: 383lb/ft / 7500rpm
  • Restrictor: 33.4mm x2 or 46.8mm x1
  • Clutch: Carbon 4 plate
  • length: 559mm
  • width: 720mm
  • height: 577mm
  • weight: 131kg
The photos below show the Legend Max and one photo of some sort of award (sorry, didn't bother to see what award it was) winning Xanthic Prelude, which has their new Tilt Forward hood and an ALL SILVER CARBON (SSG) BODY. The silver Legend is the Legend Modulo Concept, which is basically the RL A-Spec concept with Honda emblems instead of Acura emblems, and it has clear taillight lenses which the A-Spec does not have.

Another car worth looking at, although I didn't get a photo of, is the Doov Legend designed with the BAR Honda 006 F1 car theme, featuring dry carbon aerodynamic parts and grille, on a pearl white body and 18" BBS 360 Challenge-style wheels, which are apparently available through Honda dealers in Japan now as a dealer option for the minivans, complete with the correct 55mm offset. Not mentioned anywhere in the Mugen booth are that the Mugen Legend Max is FR, and the transmission is manual. But you can see the shift lever in the (very poorly shot) photo of the interior. Headlamps and taillamps are from the US spec Acura RL, if you look carefully, you will see the orange lenses in the front and the reflective side markers lit up in the sides of the taillamps.

Mugen LM

Legend Modulo Concept

Legend Modulo Concept

Mugen LM

Mugen LM

Mugen LM

Mugen LM

Xanthic Prelude

Mugen LM

Updated 18.Jan: Mugen LM Brochure Photos


Last edited by JeffX on January 18, 2005 17:53

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TR 32
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netviper 7
  Does Honda Have a V8?
Waatdaehell 18
  thats amazing!
Tegboy98 0
  Mugen-Honda Performance Partnership
jdsmeak 15
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  Will they sell those body kits?
oxidizer2k 0
  SH-AWD tranny can hadle all that power?
Jonavin 7
  6 Speed
WCA19 0
  How much do you think it should cost?
JMU R1 1
  The real significance of this engine
90Lude 9
  What's the retail value?
Great_Tubimi 0
  My one cent ('cause my opinion ain't worth two)
dampflok 1
  Longitudinal mount.
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  More Pics for the Legend Modulo?
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  No more pictures?
oxidizer2k 1
  Woah! Finally, Honda got balls
Honda-D 0
  Any more pics?
oxidizer2k 1
  Turbos can go to hell, who needs them when you've got 125hp/litre N/A!
Roger1 3
  oh yeah
phoenix 0
  whao whao... N/A 590HP V8??!?!?!?!???
LilChowWow 0
  the LM is sick, but i like the looks of the Modulo Concept
hondaccordex93 0
CivicGSiR 5
  Reality bites
osaze 0
  Production possibility?
LiveToRev 1
  totally shocking
Hondaboy04 0
  First the 007 and now this - all in one day!!
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  What a beast!!!
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  LOOK! The Legend max is stick shift?
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