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canadianautoreview.com Article for 2003 Accord: Best Pics Yet!
 Date: August 01, 2002 19:31
 Submitted by:  ivtec1
 Source: http://www.canadianautoreview.com/honda_accord.htm
 Credibility Rating: N/A

The all new 2003 Honda Accord made its official debut on July 29th, undergoing the most dramatic change in its 27-year history. The 2003 Accord Sedan will go on sale in Canada early October, and the 2003 Accord Coupe is scheduled to go on sale at the beginning of November.

The 2003 Honda Accord sedan will be available with DX, LX-G, EX-L, LX V6 and EX V6 trim levels. The new Accord Coupe will be available in LX-G, EX-L and EX V6 trim levels and a 6-speed manual EX V6 6MT model will be added in early 2003. Pricing for the Accord models will be announced at start of sales.

Body and Styling:
* Cheetah was chosen as the design theme for the new Accord
* Styling more dramatic and aggressive to stir emotions and create more excitement
* Side window glass nearly flush to reduce wind noise
* Bottom of rear bumper lowered 25 mm to better conceal underbody
* For sedan, length and wheelbase increased by 3 mm and 25 mm respectively, width wider by 29 mm
* For coupe, wheelbase and length unchanged, but width is up 26 mm
* New unibody now 27 % stiffer in torsional rigidity surpassing BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, bending rigidity stays the same and is second only to Mercedes-Benz S Class
* Door and sash structure 25 % more rigid
* Cd is 0.30 for sedan (from 0.33 of old); 0.29 for Coupe (from 0.32 of old)
* Windshield wipers have been recessed
* New and large door pulls
* New door lock mechanism drastically reducing lock operation noise. A new door checker (stop) and new low-friction centre hinge to improve door function
* Sunroof opening increased from 328 to 331 mm in sedan and from 246 to 270 mm in coupe
* Keyless trunk lock in coupe

Engine and Transmission

* 4-cylinder now the same used in CR-V, see specifications below
* 3.0-litre V6 has been reengineered, now 9 kg lighter and 25 mm shorter, a 3-rocker VTEC system replaces the old 2-rocker system, compression ratio bumped to 10:1, diameter of intake valves increased
* New engine mount system used on both 4-cylinder and V6
* Hood damper (hydraulic) standard on V6 models
* All-new electronic throttle control system on V6, controls throttle during transmission shifts for improved smoothness
* New exhaust design in V6 results in 30 % drop in backpressure and account for 15 of the extra 40 horsepower the new V6 develops
* 5-speed manual is a new lightweight housed in a rigid die-cast aluminum case. Multi-cone synchronizers used on first through fourth gears, throws reduced by 50 mm and shift lever repositioned
* All-new 5-speed automatic for 4-cylinder
* 5-speed auto in V6 different from 5-speed auto in 4-cylinder, V6 auto same as Acura 3.2 TL
* 6-speed manual standard on Coupe EX V6 6MT, low first gear, tall sixth gear, high-pressure cast aluminum alloy casing, multi-cone synchronizers on first through fourth gears and single-cone on reverse gear, dual-mass flywheel

* Totally new front sub-frame, front suspension geometry refined
* Rear subframe and geometry improved
* Rear stabilizer bar still absent on Sedan DX and Coupe LX-G models
* New drive by wire steering on V6 models
* Larger front brake rotors
* New Electronic Brake Distribution on models with 4-wheel disc brakes
* ABS now standard on all
* Drum brakes still used at rear for Sedan DX and Coupe LX-G models despite ABS being standard
* New Traction Control system used for V6 integrating full-range Electronic Throttle Control, to curb wheelspin regardless of vehicle speed (used to be under 40 km/h) and extends active braking control up to 85 km/h
* 215/50R17 tires fitted to Coupe EX V6 6MT


* Higher beltline and more prominent dashboard
* Front and rear headroom increased in sedan, rear legroom decreased, interior volume up by 26 litres, trunk volume stays the same
* Steering wheel can now also telescopes while retaining its previous tilt feature
* New front seat has a 40 mm taller backrest and 43 mm wider
* EX-L and EX V6 modesl have a new Shukra-type adjustable lumbar support mechanism
* Front seats in LX-G have a new lever-operated, ratchet-type seat height adjustment compared to old knob-type, vertical travel also increased from 25 mm to 40 mm
* To improve access into Coupe?s rear seats, new model has a revised forward tilt mechanism
* Instrumentation all new, using large LED meters, illumination is progressive, turning on 10 % when the door is opened and ramps up to 100 % after ignition is turned on. The process reverses itself after the drive
* Outside temperature indicator on only EX-L and EX V6
* Dual-zone climate control standard in EX V6 and 4-cylinder EX-L
* New one-touch "MAX A/C" in manual systems
* New sliding armrest
* Audio and cruise controls now integrated into steering wheel
* All windows can be opened by remote control !!
* 6 CD changer standard in EX-L, LX V6 and EX V6
* 120 watts in all but Coupe EX V6 6MT which has 180 watts
* Optional MP3 player unit available as accessory


* 3-point seatbelts at all 5 seating positions
* Front seatbelts equipped with load-limiters and pre-tensioners
* Rear seats equipped with LATCH system for child
* New front seat headrest positioning reduces whiplash
* Outboard rear headrests standard
* Dual-stage frontal airbags
* Side airbags standard except Sedan DX model
* 7 sensors in passenger front seatback to determine passenger front airbag deployment
* Addition of rolling code to engine immobilizer system
* "Wave" key for door, ignition and trunk locks to resist "picking"
* Door and hood locks and cables now more protected to prevent "Slim Jim"


Sedan 2740 mm
Coupe 2670 mm

Sedan 4813 mm
Coupe 4766 mm

Sedan 1814 mm
Coupe 1811 mm

Sedan 1456 mm
Coupe 1419 mm

Curb Weight (LX-G 5MT)
Sedan 1384 kg
Coupe 1368 kg

Interior Volume
Sedan 3305 L
Coupe 2942 L

2354 cc; 9.7:1; 160 hp/5500 rpm; 161 lb-ft/4500 rpm; i-VTEC; 4-cylinder
5-speed manual; 5-speed automatic optional
Speed-sensitive Rack and Pinion, ratio 15.21:1

2997 cc; 10.0:1; 240 hp/6250 rpm; 211 lb-ft/5000 rpm; V6
5-speed automatic
6-speed manual standard on Coupe EX V6 6MT
Drive by Wire Steering, ratio 14.96:1

Front: Double Wishbone, Coil Springs, Stabilizer Bar
Rear: 5-Link Double Wishbone, Coil Springs, Stabilizer bar (except Sedan DX and Coupe LX-G)

Front ventilated Disc
Rear Solid Disc (Drums on Sedan DX and Coupe LX-G)

Sedan DX and Coupe LX-G: 195/65R15
Sedan LX-G: 205/65R15
Coupe EX V6 6MT: 215/50R17
Others: 205/65R16

Sedan F: 1026 mm (no sunroof)
Sedan F: 973 mm (with sunroof)
Sedan R: 978 mm

Coupe F: 1011 (no sunroof)
Coupe F: 953 mm (with sunroof)
Coupe R: 917 mm

Sedan F: 1082 mm
Sedan R: 935 mm

Coupe F: 1095 mm
Coupe R: 810 mm

Shoulder Room
Sedan F: 1445 mm
Sedan R: 1425 mm

Coupe F: 1425 mm
Coupe R: 1407 mm

Cargo Volume
Sedan 399 mm
Coupe 363 mm
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