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Updated 13.Nov.18

NOTE: Dates indicated are for expected model introduction, not necessarily model year.

  2018 2019 2020 2021 and beyond
CLX (Acura Coupe)        
Civic Tech updates (+volume knob), mild ext refresh for sedan and coupe 5-door/Type R ext refresh(?) MMC  
Fit MMC   FMC  
HR-V MMC   FMC - 1.5T/CVT  
ILX MMC2 - cosmetic and tech updates   FMC  
Dedicated Hybrid model (Insight??) 1.5L iMMD Hybrid   MMC?  
MDX FMC - new V6T. Some rumors that 48V could appear as well.    
NSX Mild revision, new Thermal Orange color   NSX Type R?  
  2018 2019 2020 2021 and beyond
Odyssey     MMC  
Passport   New 2-row Pilot-based CUV. 3.5 V6. More aggressive styling. Debuts at 2018 LA Auto Show    
Pilot MMC - exterior refresh, updated in-car tech from Odyssey   FMC  
RDX FMC - 2.0T, 10AT, SH-AWD Type S - 3.0T V6    
Ridgeline   MMC   FMC
RLX (NA) / Legend (ROW)   FMC - New V6T. Also, new 48V tech rumored.    
Prelude (??) - FR coupe??   Rumored return. Very tentative (and now quite dated) rumors. Could appear as Acura coupe??    
S2000   The return??? FR - 2.0T. MR?? Hybrid??    
TLX   FMC. 2.0T/10AT expected. New 3.0 V6T for Type S    

NOTE: Dates indicated are for expected model introduction, not necessarily model year.

The information above is compiled from numerous sources.
Unless otherwise noted, information pertains to US and/or Canadian-market models
If you have more up-to-date or more accurate information, please contact me


DRL: Daytime Running Lamps

EU: European Market
FF: FF refers to a Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive drivetrain configuration.
FMC: Full Model Change - full redesign of a product, generally resulting in significant changes in packaging, performance, and styling.
FR: FR refers to a Front-engine, Rear-wheel-drive drivetrain configuration.
IMA: Integrated Motor Assist - Honda's Hybrid gas/electric technology
JDM: Japan Domestic Market
MMC: Minor Model Change - Mid-cycle freshening of an existing model. Often limited to subtle cosmetic changes but sometimes new trim levels and/or drivetrain options are introduced.
MYxx: Model Year, where xx is the year (e.g. MY03 = Model Year 2003)
NA: North America; in other places on the site it may be used as an abbreviation for Naturally Aspirated
ROW: Rest of World
P-AWS: Precision All-Wheel Steering
SH-AWD: Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™
xAT: Automatic Transmission - x denotes the number of ratios
xDCT: Dual-Clutch Transmission - x denotes the number of ratios
xMT: Manual Transmission - x denotes the number of ratios

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