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article details
Author Ryan Leecock
Categories All Honda/Acura, Integra Wheels/Tires
Create Date January 17, 2002 17:20
Last Update February 08, 2005 18:33
Integra Wheel Fitment

Last Updated: 01/20/98

Stock GS-R 15x6 wheels weigh a very respectable 15 lbs. To see a noticeable improvement I would recommend getting wheels that weigh at least 4 lbs less. For autocrossing in the street prepared category, we want to get the lightest wheels possible and the smallest diameter possible that will fit. By getting a smaller diameter wheel, you are effectively raising your drive ratio, hence better acceleration and you'll be able to stay in the upper revs better. You all know how important it is to stay in the upper revs in an Integra right? In addition to the better gearing, the lighter rotating mass also allows you to accelerate faster and stop faster.

For reference, I weighed the stock tire/wheel and they weighed in at 36 pounds ('94 Integra GS-R, 195/55-15 Michelin XGTV4 and six-spoke alloy wheels).

This is a case in point of why you shouldn't go to 17" wheels if you want performance. Even though the wheel you're getting is going to be lighter (per unit volume) than the original alloy wheel, the bigger tire is going to weigh much more. In terms of acceleration, it's not feelable because the tire is further away from the COR and is more important weight wise than the wheel.

Will Larger Wheel Widths Fit?

Here are the dimensions of your brake hardware that you have to consider when selecting a custom made wheel to fit your car. The diagram shows the dimensions for a '94 GS-R's front brakes.

Front Brake Clearances

Notice how our brake calipers go beyond the hub surface. Also consider the suspension arm which will limit the width of your wheel/tire combination. The correct offset should be considered here.

From: Shawn Church
After mucking around the underside of my car, I took some measurements to determine clearance for wheels and tires at the rear (where clearance is tight on the leading suspension arm). In short, the results say that you must be very careful when going to aftermarket wheels. With my 205/55 tires and the stock 15x6 wheels, there was very little clearance between the leading arm and the tire. A 215/50 should fit, but I am very concerned about how close a 7" wide wheel with the stock offset will come to rubbing. Based upon the measurements, there should be enough room, but it will be close. Anything wider than 7" with the stock offset will definitely not fit. I now understand why many wheel sellers (Tire Rack for example) recommend 35mm offsets for our cars. This will provide an additional 10 mm of clearance which should be enough to go to at least 7.5" wheels. Of course, it also widens the track by 20 mm total (usually good) and will put a little more stress on the wheel bearings.

For those of you thinking about getting 8" or wider wheels for racing, be sure to get spacers or have the wheels made with a large (smaller number) enough offset to avoid rubbing the front/rear suspension components. If you get spacers, you'll probably need longer wheel studs too.

Race Wheels and Manufacturers


K-Speed Inc
(800) 494-0708

Paul Spruell Inc
(800) 552-2532

Panasport makes two types of wheels:

Panasport Ultra-lites

  • 14x7
  • 38 mm offset
  • 10.5 lbs
  • $193 each
  • single piece construction
  • not recommended for street use; thinner aluminum used to save weight; not designed to hit potholes

Panasport Streets

  • 14x7
  • 38mm offset
  • 14 lbs
  • $150 each
  • single piece construction
  • okay for street use, stronger than the Ultra-lites.

Select Sales


  • they look just like the Panasports
  • probably the same specs
  • available in 13x7 and 13x8 unlike the Panasports

Keizer Wheels

Keizer Aluminum Wheel
(602) 893-3557

  • 14" wheels not available
  • 13" wheels weighs about 8 lbs
  • 12 5/8 inside width of their 13x8 wheels
  • $161 per wheel (13x8)
  • $5 each for a steel plate to prevent the steel lug nuts from damaging the aluminum wheel
  • $15 per set for precision boring of the center hub
  • outer rim half to make a 13x9 - $60
  • 3 piece construction
  • Can be custom made
  • from the factory, the Keizer wheels have problems holding air in the tires; a couple of applications of silicone around the mating surfaces seems to solve it
  • Comments: Should probably fit with 0.25 inch spacer and a 35 mm offset.

    Taylor Corporation

    Taylor Corp
    (515) 276-0992
    (515) 276-2587 (fax)

    • 14" wheels not available
    • Will not fit without a 0.25 inch spacer.
    • 3 piece contruction
    • Can be totally custom made, ex. you can ask them to make the wheels a little bit stronger for part-time street use (weighs more though)
    • Costs about 25% more than the Keizers
    • very helpful people
    • Comments: They have available another set of wheels which can be custom made and would not require the use of spacers to fit on the Integra. The wheels are made on a contract basis by Monocoque.

    From: "Brian"
    I bought a set of Keizers for my CRX and had problems. They didn't hold air until after two applications of sealant and I had to build .300" spacers to get them to clear the brake calipers in front. Fortunatly, I had access to a machine shop at the time, but finding longer lug studs and replacing them was a real pain. I believe Duralights custom build their center sections to fit the car.

    Both the Duralights and Keizers are three piece wheels, however the design of the Duralights is better. The Duralights are assembled with the center section sandwiched between the rim halves. The Keizers have both rim halves clamped to the center section. Crude ASCII cros section below:

       RIM      RIM             RIM  RIM
        |        |               |    |
                /                   /
               /                   /
         |CENTER|            CENTER||
         --------            --------
         BOLTBOLT            BOLTBOLT
         --------            --------
         |CENTER|            CENTER||
          CENTER             CENTER
        Duralight             Keizer

    The Keizer design puts twice as much shear force on the bolts - in the treaded area. The fatigue life of the bolts is more then halved. Next time, I'll pay extra and wait for the Duralights.


    Monocoque Wheel Co
    (619) 448-2800

    • will fit without spacer
    • 3 piece construction
    • around $240 each for the 13x7
    • reputed to be the lightest wheels available


    Racing Wheel Services
    (215) 945-3834
    (215) 945-8949 (fax)

    • 15x7
    • one piece construction
    • 12 lbs.
    • strong enough for street
    • $131 per wheel
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