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Low Emission Honda Sportcar To Be Unveiled (at London Motor Show 22 July)
 Date: July 08, 2008 11:43
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: Honda UK Press Release
 Credibility Rating: N/A

Two-seat study model debuts at British International Motor Show
  • Low emission roadster set for reveal
  • Dreamscape' show celebrates Honda’s 60th birthday
  • Cleaner cars to star in Greener Driving Pavilion

Honda will unveil a low-emission, lightweight sports study model at the British International Motor Show later this month.

The striking two-seat roadster aims to couple sleek looks with exciting driving dynamics and more efficient engine technology, to give lower exhaust emissions.

The Honda OSM (for Open Study Model), was designed by Honda's R&D facility in Offenbach, Germany. It’s the latest example of the young talent being developed within Honda's design studios in Europe – following the Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept (Geneva 2007) and the Accord Tourer Concept (Frankfurt 2007).

At present, there are no plans for this design study model to enter production, although Honda will gather feedback from customers at the show to guide any future developments.

Sitting on sporty six-spoke alloy wheels, the OSM has a slippery, aerodynamic exterior to minimise drag. A wide, sloping rear end incorporates a narrow rear light strip, which wraps around the rump of the car. At the front, a gaping front grille sits between angular headlights that stretch from nose of the bonnet to the top of the wheel arches.

The car will be revealed during the Honda press conference on Tuesday, 22 July at 10.30am, on the Honda stand in the North Hall.

Stand stars
Joining the OSM on the Honda stand will be the FCX Clarity – Honda's hydrogen fuel cell production car – which makes its UK debut. Last month, the first customer car rolled off the line in Japan, and deliveries take place during July. The zero-emission cars are being introduced first in California, before a launch in Japan later this year.

The CR-Z – Honda's lightweight hybrid sportscar – makes its UK show debut. The low emission coupe has been confirmed for production and forms an important part of Honda’s commitment to hybrid technology.

These two models are accompanied by the full current range of Honda cars – including an Accord suspended upside down from the ceiling to reflect the recent skydiving advertising campaign for the D-sector challenger.

The Power of Dreamscape
Honda has also taken over the Live Action Arena at ExCel, renaming it 'Dreamscape' for the duration of the British Motor Show. This arena will house performances that tell the unique story of Honda, using cars, motorcycles, dancers and even robots!

Helping Honda celebrate its 60th birthday, a cast of actors, drivers and riders will showcase over 40 different products from Honda’s history. ASIMO, Honda’s advanced humanoid robot, will also show off its latest skills, including a new ability to run.

To compliment the high-energy show, urban free-runners will burst onto the scene with an energetic re-enactment in the spirit of the latest TV advert. The arena comprises of a 50 square metre tarmac area with a stage at one end and tiered seating for 2,500 people, plus three projection screen, a super-sound system and live music.

Each Dreamscape performance will last 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes viewing time, where visitors can get close to the stars of the show. There will be at least four shows per day – plus an exclusive premiere on press day (22 July) at 15.00.

Show times (Public days)
• 11.00
• 13.00
• 15.00
• 17.00

Greener Driving Pavilion
Honda’s environment stand, made from bamboo and other natural materials, provides the ideal surroundings for another public showing of Honda’s clean-living Civic Hybrid, which emits just 109g/km of CO2.

The stand itself will tell the story of Honda’s history of developing cleaner technology for all its products; from 4-stroke marine engines and more efficient generators, to hydrogen fuel cell cars that produce zero emissions.

Visitors to the Honda section of the show will receive an audio guide via headphones, which will provide detailed information on the different areas of the stand.

Freefall with Honda
Showgoers will also be able to experience Honda’s latest TV advert – Jump – in a vertical skydive simulator which will be located between the main hall and the Dreamscape arena on the east side of ExCel.

Last edited by JeffX on July 08, 2008 11:48

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07-22-2008 06:27 Honda OSM Concept Breaks Cover   (Score: 1, Normal) KS34
07-08-2008 12:39 pls pls pls make this "concept" the next s2000!   (Score: 1, Normal) AznSupastar
07-08-2008 12:51 2007RC46SP2
07-08-2008 13:06 dadliboi
07-08-2008 13:15 Rogazilla
07-08-2008 13:25 musicmanvin
07-08-2008 13:48 siegen
07-08-2008 14:10 STJ
07-08-2008 14:35 TurkMan71
07-08-2008 15:14 CarPhreakD
07-08-2008 15:15 CarPhreakD
07-08-2008 17:04 duncan
07-08-2008 17:27 CarPhreakD
07-08-2008 20:05 Pseudomaniac
07-08-2008 21:43 LudegarH22A7
07-08-2008 22:41 garoto628
07-09-2008 02:48 HONDAxACURA
07-09-2008 05:28 fasthonda
07-09-2008 06:25 STJ
07-09-2008 12:50 siegen
07-09-2008 12:54 CarPhreakD
07-10-2008 22:41 Scott-A
07-10-2008 23:07 musicmanvin
07-09-2008 07:05 Nick GravesX
07-09-2008 07:31 Pseudomaniac
07-09-2008 08:28 2007RC46SP2
07-09-2008 09:17 Nick GravesX
07-09-2008 10:10 4FC
07-09-2008 10:34 Nick GravesX
07-09-2008 10:52 Honda-D
07-09-2008 12:03 Pseudomaniac
07-09-2008 12:33 musicmanvin
07-09-2008 14:14 siegen
07-09-2008 22:04 Hondasrule
07-09-2008 13:06 Turkle
07-08-2008 15:20 CarPhreakD
07-08-2008 17:06 STJ
07-09-2008 13:00 foyer
07-09-2008 07:32 sajicd
07-08-2008 16:22 siegen
07-09-2008 14:57 Honda-D
07-09-2008 15:05 Pseudomaniac
07-14-2008 23:22 rhinox
07-17-2008 13:03 dadliboi
07-10-2008 21:42 RayChuang
07-09-2008 12:52 Proof that the S2000 should have been an Acura   (Score: 1, Normal) Great_Tubimi
07-09-2008 17:31 mk23666
07-09-2008 20:08 6SPDTL
07-09-2008 20:32 Pseudomaniac
07-10-2008 04:53 Colin
07-10-2008 06:12 Nick GravesX
07-10-2008 08:07 IntegraDC5R
07-12-2008 05:54 NickDC5
07-12-2008 14:50 Nick GravesX
07-12-2008 16:46 NickDC5
07-13-2008 14:28 Nick GravesX
07-10-2008 08:14 dadliboi
07-10-2008 08:43 80honda
07-10-2008 14:19 Colin
07-10-2008 15:17 Nick GravesX
07-10-2008 17:40 Wizard
07-11-2008 23:41 JeffX
07-10-2008 15:38 Powered by Honda
07-12-2008 15:15 Design language   (Score: 1, Normal) Nick GravesX
07-12-2008 15:59 klui_188
07-08-2008 12:09 Reading into this.........   (Score: 1, Normal) Acura Type S'in
07-08-2008 12:35 STJ
07-08-2008 12:44 2007RC46SP2
07-08-2008 16:15 Odyssey500
07-08-2008 16:16 Odyssey500
07-10-2008 10:12 fasthonda
07-09-2008 07:08 Nick GravesX
07-09-2008 10:07 cyisalwayshungry
07-09-2008 11:51 Topless CR-Z   (Score: 1, Normal) 6SPDTL
07-10-2008 06:14 Nick GravesX
07-10-2008 02:52 NSX Successor   (Score: 1, Normal) NM
07-08-2008 21:16 Looks a lot like the NSX Rendering   (Score: 1, Normal) aznstuart
07-08-2008 21:21 klui_188
07-08-2008 21:34 BallerMDi
07-09-2008 12:10 hondacura
07-08-2008 14:29 WOW....pretty   (Score: 1, Normal) Powered by Honda
07-08-2008 15:49 roninsi02
07-09-2008 01:58 dodole
07-09-2008 11:47 98 Accord
07-08-2008 15:36 SSM   (Score: 1, Normal) Potenza
07-09-2008 07:27
  • VCM   (Score: 1, Normal)
07-09-2008 00:49 Lotus   (Score: 1, Normal) Potenza
07-09-2008 06:56 Nick GravesX
07-08-2008 13:39 Honda CR-Z info by AutoExpress   (Score: 1, Normal) KS34
07-08-2008 13:50 siegen
07-08-2008 14:18 dadliboi
07-09-2008 00:13 AK
07-09-2008 00:45 2007RC46SP2
07-09-2008 02:48 JIRZLEE
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