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Honda to introduce new V6 SUV, Honda Pilot, in Russia and Ukraine
 Date: April 22, 2008 07:00
 Submitted by:  danielgr
 Source: Honda EU PR
 Credibility Rating: N/A

The all-new 3.5 litre Honda Pilot is set to make its European debut in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, marking the first time that Honda has launched a car specifically for these countries.

While the car market in Russia grew by +35.7% in 2007 to 2.568 million units, Honda in Russia expanded its sales to 38,630 units, +145.7% of the previous period. The country shows the highest penetration of SUV across Europe, especially as the demand for large SUVs with V6 engines is increasing.

This Pilot model will be the second generation in the US, where it is built, and now for the first time it will be available in Europe. The launch of the second generation is the perfect opportunity to introduce this D-sector SUV model exclusively into Russia and Ukraine giving the discerning SUV buyer a fresh choice in this sector.

When the original Honda Pilot entered its domestic market in 2002, it set a new standard for the mid-size SUV segment with its unique blend of crossover refinement, fuel efficiency and eight passenger, SUV functionality. The second generation, all-new model builds on that award-winning formula with a new platform that delivers a more spacious, comfortable and flexible interior, even more refined handling and ride quality, exceptional fuel economy and top-class safety performance.

A highly flexible 253 PS (186 kW) 3.5-litre V6 engine features the very latest Variable Cylinder Management system; its ability to deactivate either two or three cylinders as conditions permit plays a key role in delivering 12.3 l/100 km combined cycle fuel economy. This strong power unit is combined with a 5-speed automatic gearbox and the unique VTM-4 on demand four wheel drive system that gives the Pilot a high degree of all-weather stability, traction and control both on and off the highway.

The Pilot wraps its impressive mechanical package in a confidently styled body which gives a strong impression of the vehicle's all round abilities. The strong geometric shape of the body with squared off edges gives the new Honda a strong stance and the space for its luxurious and flexible interior. The body, is relatively compact compared to rivals yet clever packaging means it boasts one of the biggest interiors in the segment, helped by a wheelbase that stands at 2774 mm.

The impressively equipped passenger space provides ample accommodation for up to eight adults, who will appreciate the effort that has gone into eliminating noise, vibration and harshness from the Pilot. Active noise cancellation, Acoustic Windscreen and rubber mounted subframes, are just some of the technologies employed to ensure Pilot drivers and passengers are isolated from exterior noise.

The Pilot has been equipped with a host of technologies to make owning and driving it easier. Drivers upgrading from smaller cars will appreciate the rear view camera, which displays an image of the area directly behind the car on a screen within the rear view mirror, taking the stress out of parking. Other technologies like a powerful, tri-zone, climate control, 6CD in-dash MP3 compatible entertainment system and the one-touch power operated tailgate, contribute to making the Pilot a complete package.

Safety has been an integral part of the design process of the Pilot, with it being the latest in a long line of Honda models to be equipped with the innovative Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure. This system along with the vehicle's active head restraints, seatbelt pretensioners, dual stage front and full length curtain airbags ensure the Pilot provides maximum occupant protection.

Its inherent flexibility should fulfil all the demands of the astute SUV owner whether it be a weekend trip, outdoor sports or general commuting.
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04-22-2008 16:03 Related article: Forbes - The Russians Are Coming--By Car   (Score: 1, Normal) danielgr
04-23-2008 03:14 HONDA AFVM
04-23-2008 04:02 danielgr
04-23-2008 06:24 Nick GravesX
04-24-2008 00:45 TonyEX
04-27-2008 04:38 danielgr
04-26-2008 21:49 one slight suggestion..   (Score: 1, Normal) cat in the baby
04-22-2008 09:17 PICTURES - I can smell the part orders now   (Score: 1, Normal) InDashMP3
04-22-2008 11:58 mk23666
04-22-2008 14:31 siegen
04-24-2008 21:26 xcess
04-22-2008 15:07 NickDC5
04-22-2008 15:53 SoichirosHeroes
04-22-2008 21:34 Texas
04-22-2008 22:10 A.W.E.S.O.M. - O
04-25-2008 15:48 Texas
04-23-2008 00:24 dominik331
04-23-2008 04:05 danielgr
04-23-2008 10:50 saudi @honda.fan
04-23-2008 09:48 dydx
04-23-2008 09:55 CarPhreakD
04-22-2008 12:21 Communist Front   (Score: 1, Normal) HONDA AFVM
04-22-2008 13:13 wanga
04-22-2008 13:21 Wizard
04-22-2008 22:15 dodole
04-22-2008 14:17 siegen
04-22-2008 16:28 CarPhreakD
04-22-2008 19:42
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04-24-2008 00:40 TonyEX
04-22-2008 09:06 This should help keep the factory busy   (Score: 1, Normal) longhorn
04-22-2008 09:08 CarPhreakD
04-22-2008 10:11 danielgr
04-22-2008 10:58 04EXV6
04-22-2008 11:27 danielgr
04-22-2008 12:03 mk23666
04-22-2008 12:40 danielgr
04-22-2008 14:23 siegen
04-22-2008 22:19 dodole
04-23-2008 22:36 Waldo
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