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'09 Acura Info from the Dealer Grapevine
 Date: January 12, 2008 23:53
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: Multiple
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

Over the past few days, more and more '09 Acura info has been trickling out of the pipe. First off, we have heard an on-sale date of April 24 for the '09 TSX. Secondly, the '09 RL should be appearing in showrooms in a similar timeframe. Now, what are the '09 RL and '09 TSX all about? Maybe this communique from Acura will help:

This MOVE allocation will include March production with March arrival of the 2008 TL, 2008 RDX and 2008 MDX and March production with April arrival of 2009 TSX and 2009 RL models.
2009 TSX
Designed and engineered to reaffirm its place as a desirable and affordable entry point for the Acura sedan range, the all-new redesigned second-generation 2009 TSX will be offered in two different packages

Standard Package:
The standard model will be similar to RDXs and 08MY TSXs standard features with new luxury amenities and audio capabilities that all contribute to the new TSXs added appeal.

Technology Package:
The technology package is similar to the RDXs technology packaging and will continue to Advance the image of Acura. The Technology Package includes:
Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition with new functionality
AcuraLink Satellite Communication System
Acura/ELS Surround Premium 10 Speaker Sound System

2009 RL
The substantial redesign of the 2009 Acura RL combines added performance, improved technology, more aggressive exterior styling and even greater safety to a top-tier luxury performance sedan.

Three packages will continue to be offered:

Standard Package:

Improvements include better functionality for the HVAC, HandsFreeLink and audio system

Technology Package:

The Technology model will be similar to the 08MY RL with new luxury amenities. The Technology Package will continue to Advance the image of Acura by adding more functionality to the Acura Navigation System.

CMBS Package:

CMBS will be available as a stand-alone option.

While this information is interesting, several posts in our forums indicate that the '09 RL will be packing 300+hp (from a 3.7L V6) and have an SH-AWD system tuned to deliver more torque to the rear wheels. Word is that the RL's MMC is the most significant mid-cycle refreshes in Honda's (and Acura's) history, with supposedly only 2 body panels remaining common with the current version. Interior volume (particularly rear legroom) is said to have been increased, and several items in the "bling" column are said to have been addressed (one person suggested that the RL would be getting 19" wheels, but we've only seen that from ONE person). One poster suggests that the "more functionality" of the RL's navi system means real-time weather updates.

On the TSX side, word has it that a 4-cylinder, FWD version will be offered first, with a V6-powered SH-AWD model appearing at a later time. Supposedly a diesel will be available in calendar year 2009.

Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed me with these details over the past few days. I just returned from a trip abroad yesterday and have been trying to catch up on things while preparing for the North American International Auto Show. Be sure to check in here at the TOV for updates from Detroit tomorrow and Monday.
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01-13-2008 09:56 No word on Keyless start :(   (Score: 1, Normal) SpicyMikey
01-13-2008 12:56 Ezmerelda
01-13-2008 23:44 zapata
01-14-2008 07:16 nebguyinva
01-14-2008 20:16 aznstuart
01-14-2008 21:06 HondaChuck
01-28-2008 18:11 evanskhan
01-29-2008 06:39 nebguyinva
01-13-2008 12:58 onetyme_sam
01-13-2008 12:59 jgalvan
01-13-2008 14:25 SpicyMikey
01-13-2008 14:34 gt0279a
01-13-2008 00:25 "TSX similar to RDX"?   (Score: 1, Normal) cobalt
01-13-2008 00:37 VTECaddict
01-13-2008 00:44 JeffX
01-13-2008 03:18 jfunk
01-13-2008 03:40 anime_man24
01-13-2008 04:03 jfunk
01-13-2008 05:22 GoldenChild
01-13-2008 07:20 jfunk
01-13-2008 08:46 wpaulson
01-13-2008 10:54 klui_188
01-13-2008 08:50 Jcc35
01-13-2008 10:48 niko
01-13-2008 11:26 ballermd
01-13-2008 14:29 jfunk
01-14-2008 11:22 Varmint
01-14-2008 14:11 jfunk
01-13-2008 10:07 Varmint
01-13-2008 11:45 CivicB18
01-13-2008 14:54 jfunk
01-14-2008 17:52 typer_801
01-14-2008 19:43 coldbivy
01-16-2008 14:32 MasterOfDaDomain
01-17-2008 17:15 chuchurocket
01-18-2008 12:15 Dhall
01-18-2008 16:48 MasterOfDaDomain
01-18-2008 18:17 Sasker
01-18-2008 19:34 Dhall
01-18-2008 21:52 chuchurocket
01-18-2008 22:15 Sasker
01-19-2008 01:58 brownstone
01-19-2008 02:25 coldbivy
01-20-2008 12:55 MasterOfDaDomain
01-13-2008 21:18 cksi1372
01-14-2008 08:11 archknight
01-14-2008 12:40 hndajnkie1
01-14-2008 12:59 asfjnvh
01-14-2008 12:33 hndajnkie1
01-14-2008 14:18 chuchurocket
01-14-2008 14:58 iceman6
01-14-2008 14:57 archknight
01-15-2008 09:35 brownstone
01-15-2008 14:19 Hutchins
01-15-2008 16:08 brownstone
01-16-2008 04:13 chuchurocket
01-13-2008 15:43 Next gen RL vs TL vs TSX   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
01-14-2008 09:44 archknight
01-14-2008 12:45 hndajnkie1
01-15-2008 06:59 Nick GravesX
01-15-2008 18:58 Bankston_Honda
01-15-2008 21:34 AK
01-16-2008 01:29 coldbivy
01-16-2008 07:15 archknight
01-16-2008 12:12 coldbivy
01-16-2008 21:58 AK
01-16-2008 16:43 TonyEX
01-16-2008 01:16 coldbivy
01-16-2008 16:46 TonyEX
01-17-2008 05:53 Nick GravesX
01-16-2008 16:32 TonyEX
01-13-2008 01:29 TSX SH-AWD MT or NO   (Score: 1, Normal) Powered by Honda
01-13-2008 08:46 SpicyMikey
01-13-2008 09:01 wpaulson
01-13-2008 10:00 SpicyMikey
01-13-2008 14:47 King77
01-14-2008 20:14 aznstuart
01-15-2008 07:02 Nick GravesX
01-13-2008 12:00 Jayman
01-13-2008 14:13 gt0279a
01-13-2008 18:01 Inside Line States that Acura will get Diesel first in 2009 (likely TSX?)   (Score: 1, Normal) DCPattie
01-13-2008 12:52 This machine gets my complete attention!   (Score: 1, Normal) CivicB18
01-13-2008 11:51 09 TL gets more power?   (Score: 1, Normal) osaze
01-13-2008 01:52 I'm Afraid...   (Score: 1, Normal) Wizard
01-13-2008 09:45 ballermd
01-13-2008 00:44 Hard Drive   (Score: 1, Normal) rendezvous65
01-13-2008 01:54 Wizard
01-13-2008 02:52 bien
01-13-2008 04:23 danielgr
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