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Spied on the Street! 2008 Accord Sedan!
 Date: May 11, 2007 16:23
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: Brenda Priddy/Chris Doane
 Credibility Rating: 10

We just got a new batch of pics of the 2008 Accord Sedan. These are the first known spy shots. There are about a dozen shots, but we picked four to show you. The vehicles they snagged appear to be 4-cylinder versions. Recall that Honda's all new Advanced VTEC is expected to debut on the Accords this fall, most likely with the 4-cylinder version. The V6 is expected to combine big power (perhaps as much as 280hp) as well as cylinder-cut technology to improve fuel economy. Watch for these to appear in showrooms sometime in September of this year.

Interestingly I received word a week or so ago that certain Honda associates had been promised a bonus if no spy shots of the Accord sedan were to find their way to the public prior to July 15th. If true, sorry guys. UPDATE: A few denials to this particular rumor have been registered, so maybe nobody will miss out on any incentives after all...

Testing of the 2008 Accord is clearly in full effect nowadays. Chris Doane snagged these pics of what appears to be an EX (4-cylinder) version of the 2008 Accord sedan. Check out the shameless emulation of BMW's handsome 5-series wheels on this one! If you ask me, this car's looking pretty sharp in this formal black color. I can't wait to see how the V6 models are trimmed out.

There were a number of photos in this new batch but we purchased as many as our budget would permit (perhaps more than our budget permits...) so don't be surprised if you see photos of the same car from slightly different angles popping up elsewhere on the web.


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Last edited by RyanDL on May 17, 2007 15:38

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Subject Thread Originator Replies Last Post
  New! Video of 2008 Honda Accord Coupe!
ZhiEciruam 4
  No Avalon or Maxima
ballermd 10
  Oh btw, this news posting breaks the record
CarPhreakD 3
aznstuart 0
aznstuart 0
  Pretty nice for the LX version
aznstuart 0
  Superb New Accord Exterior !
CiaoVA 8
  EXTREMELY Disappointing
brandywine 21
  Guess what I learned about the 08 Accord today...
z-zero 41
  Is it me or is the Accord getting too big for I4 ?
fortan 45
  2006-2007 Accords rock!
Kjb131313 4
  6 Speed Tranny
bjorn 4
  No Civic chrome mustache on the grile
longhorn 11
  Not very exciting
thx1138 1
  *sigh* What happened?!
JZacuto 3
  Hope to see a fully Unhide Photoshop soon!!
autofan 48
  Full Article of '08 Accord to be released in August
Mike Freitas 6
  Could be the Accord Control Panel
z-zero 4
  Congratulations Honda...
PK1 10
  Why there isn't any pic of Interior??
autofan 10
  Here we go again..., let's inflame the forum !!!
danielgr 31
  Double-Wish Bone all around pls!
77honda 11
  who likes the new accord
Namescreen 33
  New photographs of the 2008 coupe
md52 14
  This is what the sedan should have been
z-zero 6
  intelligent key
darkc10uds1 7
  Is the front grill going to be chrome?
xboxstrwrs55 2
AKO1 16
  Very Similar to the 94-95 Accord. Sexy
harvestman9 0
  The wheels look small
Great_Tubimi 4
  bangle butt/bustle alert!
giancarlo51 3
  Vast expanse of emptiness on trunklid...
Power Of Dreams 2
  I thought the coupe looked bad...
DCR 31
  It needs gullwing doors to compete with Hyundai!
TonyEX 6
  Size - Bigger smaller or the same as current Accord sedan?
nowakj66 13
  looks just like the new camry
bien 14
  Coupe vs Sedan
honda02 1
  Interesting theory...the "public" doesn't like the Accord anymore
Prox Enmity 22
  Another AHM production.
TurkMan71 14
  Hofmeister kink
2TSX 10
  add coupe's projectors!
giancarlo51 4
  cheap plastic mirrors
acboost 7
  Cellulite on the backside
bluedrom 0
  Best looking midsize on market?
Powered by Honda 4
  Car for the masses= Boring Design
SuperR 1
  Has anyone considered this...
Prox Enmity 14
  No Projector Style Headlights
sjava 4
  sorry honda, thats not it
onefasthuman 15
  LoL....Jeff are you kidding??
Chris_Doane 12
  Photoshop fix
2K5TSX 4
  Colour Choices (More photoshop)
2K5TSX 0
  Do I see LED in the rear lights? n/t
aznstuart 3
  not different enough to abandon my 05
Imagineer 5
  '08 Accord = Discarded Saturn LS redesign
lakerunner76 5
  5 Series?
Breezer23 8
  Honda Stream
cyisalwayshungry 0
  Promising to be one of the best family sedans to drive !
CiaoVA 0
  WOW! It's really Ugly!
hondaxprt 7
  Design Controversies etc...
jheighto 0
  Promising to be a superb new Accord interior too!
CiaoVA 0
  Best looking Accord yet
vtecfan 3
  I still have hope
Teg 1
  lookin' sharp (too bad it's still FWD)
Civic_Si 21
  Design Question...
Breezer23 2
  More Pictures, courtesy of Car and Driver
CarPhreakD 0
  Bangle attack!
  Dont Know whether to clap or cry.........
cbondhonda 2
  I-drive hump in the interior! !
Krod301 0
  Rest of the Photos
fredjay 4
  That bump in the trunk...
z-zero 0
  The Next Maserati !!!!!!!!!
agentbubba 9
  Previous photochops of sedan = :-) Acutal :-(
jgalvan1 0
  Can't decide if I like it and I like the current car
computernerd 4
  Headlight bulge and the BMW 5 series look
Tosa1962 6
  Accord vs Civic Design
Moray 0
  Would look considerably better if...
bwilliam13 0
  The tape really makes the car so/so
Dren 2
  saturn looking rear?
wrussi 14
  High-Mount Stoplight
Gfn8r 0
  08 brochures coming out in june/july
giancarlo51 1
  Looks nice for an LX - - - - no more hubcaps (n/t)
kirk 0
  Do you see previous Accord styling elements?
longhorn 5
  WTF? Honda Sonata GLS-EXL
hondacura 20
tsxfan19 2
  the ones they ARENT showing you
cat in the baby 3
enigma350 0
  Based on these pictures...
RayChuang 3
  08 Accord= Saturn/Hyunda Sonata/BMW/Audi n Acura (Kind of)
Namescreen 1
  Spy Shots
Chambers 0
  Ahhhhhhhhhh! Still Undecided.... n/m
LudegarH22A7 1
  USA Today Date:
z-zero 0
  A few more pics at Motortrend.com
z-zero 5
  LOL @ the guy reading USA Today
dynatos 1
  The accord is going upmarket
BigDoggie 0
  I am not without my complaints...
tsxfan19 2
  ToV rawks!
SandForBlood 1
  ToV rawks!
SandForBlood 0
  Not surprised its so un-assuming...
z-zero 3
  I hope...
dadliboi 2
  Looks Great
denvermikey 4
S600=Dream 0
  Photo surgery
aznstuart 0
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