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Honda Debuts the Sport Concept Civic Si Vehicle at SEMA
 Date: November 01, 2005 15:31
 Submitted by:  RyanDL
 Source: Honda Press Release
 Credibility Rating: N/A

Las Vegas, NV 11/01/2005 --

The Honda Sport Concept Civic Si, unveiled at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show today, is an extensively modified version of the all-new 2006 Civic Si with aggressive exterior and interior styling and a track-tuned suspension.

The wide-body Sport Concept Civic Si (+50 mm) features aerodynamically styled front and rear bumpers with lightweight carbon fiber construction and sleek door styling. Low, aggressive carbon side skirts along with a rear carbon diffuser and a center exhaust outlet accent its ultra-low profile. To enhance high-speed downforce, the Sport Concept Civic Si utilizes an adjustable, two-piece carbon wing spoiler. The vehicle is painted Anniversary White Pearl in celebration of the Civic Si's 20th anniversary.

"The Civic has a legendary reputation as a solid platform for performance and styling customization," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "The Sport Concept Civic Si shows Honda's interpretation of future aftermarket trends for the all-new 2006 Civic Si."

An advanced, track-tuned suspension package lowers the Sport Concept Civic Si by 25 mm and enhances the vehicle's handling dynamics with optimized spring rates and firm damping. Brembo brake components on all four wheels feature powerful four-piston calipers and cross-drilled rotors that provide amazing levels of stopping force. Advanced Concept Design wheels (19-inch) incorporate Michelin Pilot Sport II tires (245/35 ZR-19), providing the Sport Concept Civic Si with the ultimate in handling and styling.

Interior modifications focus on the creation of a high-tech, performance-oriented driving environment. The interior features distinctive woven silver wire flooring, custom leather seats with inverted piping and a distinctive driver-oriented red leather cockpit. An "ultra silver" Kevlar R structural brace stretches across the floor of the rear seat area, further reinforcing the Civic Si's already strong body structure. A sweeping multi-function driver display and Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System is fully integrated into the instrument panel.

The all-new 2006 Civic Si, upon which this concept is based, has been dramatically redesigned with an expressive and futuristic exterior styling. The 2006 Civic Si features a 2.0-liter i-VTEC(TM) 4-cylinder engine with 197-horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission with helical-type limited slip differential and an assortment of the latest technology, making the new Civic Si a true sport compact enthusiast's performance car.

The development of the 2006 model holds an important place in Honda's automotive heritage as it celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Civic Si in America. The Civic Si has always represented the highest levels of performance in the Civic lineup. Beginning with the 1986 Si hatchback model and proceeding through six generations, the Civic Si has always fulfilled a critical role in the performance image of the Civic and Honda.

Last edited by Tuan on November 01, 2005 17:22

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01-06-2006 02:14 How do I get that Dead Pedal???   (Score: 1, Normal) X_SI_TNG1
11-05-2005 18:48 This car plus.....   (Score: 1, Normal) CivicB18
11-07-2005 20:15 cat in the baby
11-01-2005 20:47 Say what!!!!! Here's some feedback AHM...   (Score: 1, Normal) LudegarH22A7
11-01-2005 20:57 cat in the baby
11-01-2005 21:00 cat in the baby
11-01-2005 21:36 LudegarH22A7
11-01-2005 22:19 drbyers
11-02-2005 10:50 LudegarH22A7
11-01-2005 22:25 shingles
11-02-2005 05:57 HondaChuck
11-02-2005 10:39 duncan
11-02-2005 10:57 blu
11-02-2005 15:26 Powered by Honda
11-02-2005 21:44 NealX
11-03-2005 15:24 blu
11-04-2005 16:14 JeffX
11-05-2005 09:46 NealX
11-07-2005 06:08 Honda F1 Racing
11-02-2005 10:25 blu
11-03-2005 02:55 carcrazy84
11-03-2005 03:15 EggSalad
11-07-2005 02:11 Will the color ever make production?   (Score: 1, Normal) CSi
11-01-2005 19:29 is this gonna be made??   (Score: 1, Normal) FusionSi11
11-01-2005 19:58 scottk
11-02-2005 15:29 Powered by Honda
11-06-2005 01:29 sp500trader
11-06-2005 23:13 incubus
11-01-2005 17:51 spoiler and bodykit   (Score: 1, Normal) chris06si
11-01-2005 18:03 RyanDL
11-02-2005 14:41 DCR
11-04-2005 15:27 Hondu
11-06-2005 01:16 sp500trader
11-06-2005 01:21 sp500trader
11-05-2005 15:54 hmmm..   (Score: 1, Normal) locdb
11-05-2005 15:20 Wow   (Score: 1, Normal) CivicSiCoupe
11-03-2005 23:49 NASTY INTERIOR   (Score: 1, Normal) 5thGENrustbucket
11-04-2005 00:43 Djaric
11-04-2005 19:46 dydx
11-04-2005 21:56 delsol_SI
11-04-2005 18:54 Looks like Peugeot 307   (Score: 1, Normal) timbilly
11-04-2005 11:25 Centre exhaust   (Score: 1, Normal) duncan
11-01-2005 17:35 R baby!!!!!!   (Score: 1, Normal) delsol_SI
11-01-2005 18:56 mystiklegendz
11-02-2005 15:23 Powered by Honda
11-02-2005 17:20 tman
11-02-2005 02:31 It's official...   (Score: 1, Normal) EggSalad
11-02-2005 09:37 NealX
11-02-2005 10:54 Stevens24
11-02-2005 13:52 Antigen
11-02-2005 14:37 DCR
11-01-2005 17:50 wheels for sale??   (Score: 1, Normal) aodmisery
11-01-2005 23:06 uhhhh
11-02-2005 02:45 Honda F1 Racing
11-02-2005 09:32 NealX
11-01-2005 21:29 Nov. desktop calendar?   (Score: 1, Normal) cat in the baby
11-02-2005 07:03 Dren
11-01-2005 17:04 Honda claws hard to get back with the youth crowd   (Score: 1, Normal) LeeLee
11-01-2005 22:38 Incoginto
11-01-2005 17:04 Beautiful exterior   (Score: 1, Normal) JoeFromPA
11-01-2005 18:34 EggSalad
11-01-2005 19:00 revvit
11-01-2005 21:21 bukwheat
11-01-2005 21:10 EVERY single Honda...   (Score: 1, Normal) cat in the baby
11-01-2005 18:55 WTB: say $24,000?   (Score: 1, Normal) kiwikungfu
11-01-2005 17:25 Very nice!   (Score: 1, Normal) siegen
11-01-2005 17:22 CLEAN!!!!!!!   (Score: 1, Normal) kidsi2006
11-01-2005 17:08 OMG!!!!   (Score: 1, Normal) Blak_CRX_VT
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