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American Honda Reports Best Ever April Sales
 Date: May 03, 2005 19:23
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: unknown
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

TORRANCE, Calif. 05/03/2005 -- Boosted by record April sales of Honda and Acura cars and light trucks, along with best-ever hybrid vehicle sales, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted a best-ever April result of 135,597 vehicles, an increase of 13.6 percent over April 2004. It was the fourth-best month in the company's U.S. sales history. Other record-breaking results for the month include:

  • Record April sales of Honda Division cars and light trucks including record April results for Civic, Odyssey, CR-V and Pilot
  • All-time record sales of Honda hybrid vehicles, up 70.7 percent from April 2004
  • Record April and second-best ever month for Acura Division sales (18th consecutive record month)
  • Record April sales of TL, TSX and MDX luxury performance vehicles

American Honda posted record April car sales of 81,671 units, up 10.2 percent over last year, and record April light truck sales of 53,926 units, an increase of 19.2 percent over year-ago results. Year-to-date American Honda total vehicle sales of 443,779 rose 4.0 percent over the same period last year.

Rising fuel prices and increased consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles led to a new all-time record result for Honda hybrid vehicles. April sales of hybrid models jumped 70.7 percent on a daily selling rate basis to 5,579 including all-time record sales of Civic Hybrid, up 9.8 percent to 3,466 units, and sales of 2,023 Accord Hybrids, the best month since its December 2004 launch. Year-to-date sales of hybrid models rose 56.7 percent to 14,604 vehicles, versus year-ago results of 9,317 hybrids.

"There is no question that today's consumer is looking more closely at fuel economy as a key part of their purchase decision," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda. "Our commitment to delivering products with superior fuel economy along with industry-leading safety performance and fun-to-drive character is clearly resonating with these buyers."

Record April sales of Honda Division cars and light trucks, including individual April records for the Civic, Odyssey, Pilot and CR-V, pushed Honda Division sales to a new all-time April record of 116,495 units, up 13.9 percent over year-ago results. It was the fourth best month in the Honda Division's U.S. sales history. Year-to-date Honda Division sales rose 3.2 percent to 376,263 vehicles. Record April sales of Civic, up 10.6 percent to 31,557 units, along with an 8.5 percent jump in sales of Accord, drove Honda Division car sales to a best-ever April result of 67,642 units, up 9.1 percent for the month.

Honda light truck sales also continued their record setting pace with sales of 48,853 SUVs, trucks and minivans, up 21.3 percent for the month and 16.2 percent for the year. Individual light truck records include the all-new Odyssey minivan, up 17.6 percent in April and 22.8 percent this year; the Pilot SUV, up 21.7 percent in April (11th consecutive monthly record) and 17.6 percent this year; and the CR-V, up 8.6 percent in April and 5.6 percent for the year. The all-new Ridgeline, in only its second full month on the market, reported sales of 3,365 units.

Acura Division sales rose 11.9 percent to a new April record of 19,102 Acura vehicles. It was the second best month in the Acura's 19-year history and the 18th consecutive record-setting month of sales for the division. Acura year-to-date sales of 67,516 have risen 8.9 percent versus a year ago. Record April sales of the TSX and TL sedans, along with strong performances by the RSX and the all-new RL luxury performance sedan, boosted Acura passenger car sales to a new April record of 14,029 vehicles, up 15.8 percent for the month and 13.6 percent for the year. The TSX sports sedan marked its fifth consecutive record month with sales of 3,329 units, up 35.4 percent for the month and 34.7 percent for the year to date. April sales of the all-new RL luxury performance sedan rose 153.2 percent to 1,304 vehicles, while year-to-date sales of the RL saw an increase of 183.9 percent to 5,463. Record April sales of the MDX sport-utility vehicle lifted Acura light truck sales to a new April record of 5,073 units, a rise of 2.4 percent versus year-ago results.

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05-03-2005 20:35 TSX sales...   (Score: 1, Normal) osaze
05-03-2005 20:55 JeffX
05-03-2005 23:49 Ivtec2
05-05-2005 11:11 Askani
05-10-2005 16:21 watermelonman
05-03-2005 21:30 blue99si
05-03-2005 21:39 TonyEX
05-03-2005 22:33 JeffX
05-04-2005 10:17 TonyEX
05-03-2005 22:49 cobalt
05-09-2005 17:33 Honda4Ever
05-04-2005 09:55 RayChuang
05-05-2005 13:56 Honda-D
05-03-2005 20:16 Article to read   (Score: 1, Normal) blue99si
05-03-2005 20:36 HondaChuck
05-03-2005 21:24 blue99si
05-03-2005 21:55 TonyEX
05-04-2005 05:33 anime_man24
05-04-2005 07:34 Type R-Positive
05-04-2005 17:55 Cordv6
05-04-2005 22:40 TonyEX
05-05-2005 00:40 Cordv6
05-04-2005 07:39 Civic sales swing 20% points   (Score: 1, Normal) Sledge
05-04-2005 09:58 RayChuang
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