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Honda Announces Official Name for New 4-Door 4WD Truck
 Date: November 02, 2004 13:30
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: TOV News
 Credibility Rating: 10

Honda has chosen the 2004 SEMA Show in Las Vegas as the setting to reveal the name of the upcoming SUT, which will officially bow at the 2005 Detroit International Auto Show. In keeping with the aftermarket nature of the SEMA show, the SUT concept vehicle (which originally debuted in Detroit this past January) has been repainted and now wears an ensemble of aftermarket add-ons. Pictures to follow later this afternoon.

The new Honda SUT will be called: RIDGELINE

Press release follows:
Honda's all-new 4-door, 4WD truck will be named the "Ridgeline" when it goes on-sale at Honda dealerships nationwide in Spring 2005 as a 2006 model. The Honda Ridgeline is a next-generation truck that takes the utility and versatility of an open bed truck and adds a new dimension of dynamic performance, integrated styling and packaging efficiency previously unattainable in traditional body-on-frame trucks. The Ridgeline name was chosen to emphasize the vehicle's adventurous spirit and truck capabilities.

American Honda announced the Ridgeline name at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, where it displayed an updated concept version of the truck with a new paint scheme, revised suspension and new wheel and tire package. The production Ridgeline will make its world debut at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit next January.

"The growing market for aftermarket truck parts and accessories makes SEMA the perfect place to announce the Ridgeline name," said Dan Bonawitz, vice president in charge of corporate planning for American Honda. "The Ridgeline will make a great platform for customization and we think that people are going to be truly surprised by the capabilities of this new Honda truck."

The Ridgeline takes advantage of the industry's first fully integrated, closed-box frame with unibody construction to deliver superior ride, handling and packaging efficiency along with half-ton payload capacity and significantly stronger body rigidity versus traditional body-on-frame trucks. For hauling, the Ridgeline features a five-foot bed with minimal wheel arch intrusion and is designed to carry a wide variety of cargo including two of Honda's largest off-road motorcycles, the CRF450. Inside, the Ridgeline will feature a spacious, full-size, five-passenger interior in a more maneuverable and garageable mid-size truck package. Utilizing a four-wheel independent suspension mounted to a highly rigid body, the Ridgeline will deliver superior handling and ride comfort versus other trucks in its class.

Combining next generation truck performance and environmental responsibility, Ridgeline will be powered by 3.5-liter, high-output, V-6 engine and 5-speed automatic transmission with a fully automatic 4-wheel drive system and a long list of standard safety features including 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, side curtain airbags and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with traction control. Complete details on the Ridgeline's innovative new approach to the truck market will be available at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in January.

Last edited by JeffX on November 03, 2004 12:18

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11-03-2004 08:44 jpm
11-03-2004 10:02 RSX
11-03-2004 10:51 DownUnder
11-03-2004 11:10 RSX
11-03-2004 14:31 CivicB18
11-03-2004 14:51 yogib1
11-03-2004 14:59 jpm
11-03-2004 16:01 yogib1
11-03-2004 15:24 DownUnder
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11-03-2004 15:37 RSX
11-03-2004 15:42 DownUnder
11-03-2004 15:55 dodole
11-05-2004 19:09 wanga
11-06-2004 09:36 GhOsT
11-07-2004 13:20 FStephenMasek
11-07-2004 14:10 yogib1
11-08-2004 07:59 RSX
11-08-2004 11:46 FStephenMasek
11-08-2004 11:57 yogib1
11-08-2004 12:14 mad_ox1
11-08-2004 15:36 RSX
11-08-2004 17:58 RyanDL
11-16-2004 10:49 y8
11-12-2004 17:09 FStephenMasek
11-10-2004 11:22 Acura Dr.
11-10-2004 12:05 RyanDL
11-09-2004 17:28 wanga
11-09-2004 22:50 GhOsT
11-09-2004 17:32
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11-16-2004 11:05 y8
11-08-2004 15:28 RSX
11-03-2004 10:14 RyanDL
11-03-2004 15:33 metalsyren
11-03-2004 15:58 dodole
11-03-2004 16:02 dampflok
11-16-2004 11:08 y8
11-03-2004 16:07 yogib1
11-03-2004 16:20 jpm
11-03-2004 16:48 yogib1
11-03-2004 17:05 RyanDL
11-03-2004 17:10 DownUnder
11-03-2004 17:11 cFoo
11-03-2004 17:34 CivicB18
11-03-2004 17:44 jpm
11-03-2004 18:49 yogib1
11-03-2004 22:12
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11-03-2004 22:15 metalsyren
11-03-2004 23:41 FStephenMasek
11-04-2004 09:31 Hutchins
11-04-2004 18:56 jpm
11-04-2004 19:32 yogib1
11-08-2004 14:03 97AccordSE
11-04-2004 16:22 PwrOfDreams07
11-04-2004 17:44 yogib1
11-16-2004 11:30 y8
11-05-2004 04:25 tsx_r
11-05-2004 12:34 metalsyren
11-05-2004 14:06 GhOsT
11-07-2004 14:13 yogib1
11-07-2004 17:20 FStephenMasek
11-08-2004 08:47 yogib1
11-16-2004 11:46 y8
11-05-2004 12:12 Spruce
11-07-2004 23:24 Bet it will do well...   (Score: 1, Normal) 97AccordSE
11-05-2004 22:27 WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THIS INFO??   (Score: 1, Normal) awalls20
11-05-2004 22:51 FStephenMasek
11-07-2004 08:55 TonyEX
11-06-2004 20:55 Engineering   (Score: 1, Normal) Foop
11-03-2004 13:35 Accessories?   (Score: 1, Normal) tmkarab
11-05-2004 18:43 dohc89
11-05-2004 16:04 That is one ugly looking truck.   (Score: 1, Normal) 6SPDTL
11-04-2004 17:53 Great job Honda!!!   (Score: 1, Normal) D.W.
11-04-2004 18:44 GhOsT
11-04-2004 18:56 yogib1
11-04-2004 00:21 Ridgeline IMA hybrid?   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
11-04-2004 01:55 DownUnder
11-02-2004 15:03 How can Honda get away w/o transfer case?   (Score: 1, Normal) xman
11-02-2004 17:06 jpm
11-02-2004 19:29 DevilMayCry
11-02-2004 17:38 WuWarrior
11-03-2004 14:42 CivicB18
11-03-2004 20:49 Nightcrawler
11-03-2004 21:50 Honda-D
11-03-2004 13:01 Too Power Ranger   (Score: 1, Normal) Honda-D
11-03-2004 15:06 RyanDL
11-03-2004 14:58 Those headlights have to go!   (Score: 1, Normal) vtechbrain
11-03-2004 14:51 Any word on Dimensions   (Score: 1, Normal) Keebskit
11-02-2004 16:05 The What?????   (Score: 1, Normal) r1champ529
11-02-2004 18:49 XessQ
11-03-2004 12:25 DJ6uest
11-02-2004 21:14 Pics?   (Score: 1, Normal) DevilMayCry
11-02-2004 22:22 luckyR
11-03-2004 05:12 94sir
11-03-2004 10:55 DownUnder
11-02-2004 14:59 HAHAAHA I gotta buy one   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
11-02-2004 16:06 madeinhoko
11-02-2004 17:20 TonyEX
11-02-2004 18:10 ACCORDLOVER
11-02-2004 17:30 May be too late for Honda   (Score: 1, Normal) mugen_itr24
11-02-2004 14:25 My trivial comment on the name   (Score: 1, Normal) dampflok
11-02-2004 16:17 underpressure
11-02-2004 14:26 Message below viewing threshold View   (Score: 0, Netiquette Foul) honda men
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