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First Serial Production 2017 Acura NSX Rolls off the Line at Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohi
The final stop of the Civic #NextMilestone Tour takes place this weekend in NYC
2017 Honda Ridgeline starts at $29,475
American Honda Sets New April Sales Record: Honda Division Posts Best Ever April Sales
Spring Cleaning: What's in store for model year 2017? Part I - Honda
New Accord Sport SE trim level coming in model year 2017
Civic 5-door to hit showrooms in late summer
All-New Acura CDX Compact SUV makes global debut at the 14th Beijing International Auto Show
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Repair and Maintenance --> Location of vent shut valve on 2005 CRV?
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Professional Motorsports --> Re: Alexander Rossi wins it for Honda!
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TOV Asia --> Re: 2016 Honda Freed (leak photo?)
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Accord --> Re: 2013 Accord key FOBs stopped working
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TOV Video Interview with Hasport at 2002 IAS
 05/04/02 18:32 - Tuan (1 Response)
The TOV interviews Brian Gillespie of Hasport on their engine swap products and on their brand new 2002 Honda Civic Si with a 200HP RSX Type-S motor! [Read More]
TOV Video Interview with Comptech at 2002 IAS
 05/04/02 19:36 - Tuan (15 Responses)
We interview Joe Sierro Comptech USA about their headers for the TL and RSX. [Read More]
Japanese Gran Touring Cars round 2: 500 km at Fuji
 05/05/02 23:57 - Mr-914 (4 Responses)
Takeuchi and Tachikawa won the second round of the All Japan Touring Car championship today in their Cerumo Toyota Supra. The top two Honda NSX from the first round in Aida were severly limited due to their heavy penalty weights. [Read More]
Honda Pilot hits the US magazines
 05/06/02 13:28 - notyper (29 Responses)
This month, both C&D and MT test the new Pilot. MT's test is part of a big review of new crossover SUVs while C&D does a full, individual road test. [Read More]
TOV Video Interview with Centerline Wheels at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/07/02 00:36 - Tuan  
We talk to Centerline wheels about their new line of lightweight wheels for Honda and Acura cars. [Read More]
TOV Interview with Probe Industries at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/07/02 00:37 - Tuan  
We talk to Tim Lyons of Probe Industries about their new line of pistons for Honda and Acura cars. [Read More]
Suicidal woman plunges 14 floors, bounces off Honda and walks away.
 05/08/02 05:02 - Netcub (11 Responses)
Suicidal woman plunges 14 stories, CR-V cushions her fall. She walks away with a broken arm; 'There's a god up there for sure'
[Read More]
Austrian Grand Prix Results
 05/13/02 01:49 - Tuan (4 Responses)
See how Honda fared at the Austrian Grand Prix this past weekend. [Read More]
CanadianDriver.com first drive of the Honda Pilot
 05/13/02 16:53 - Tuan (4 Responses)
CanadianDriver.com has a first drive of the new Honda Pilot SUV.

From the article: The Honda Pilot, a mid-sized, V6-powered, eight-passenger sport-utility vehicle with all-wheel-drive is scheduled to go on sale June 3rd. Prices haven't been announc [Read More]
2003 S2000 colors with scan of brochure
 05/13/02 19:06 - Anonymous (3 Responses)
A friend, who's a manager at a Honda dealer, called us and told us that the color chart from Honda is in for the 2003 - Silverstone is back with black or red interior. White has a new tan leather interior and the red interior is no longer available. R [Read More]
2003 Honda Element Test Drive on Edmunds.com
 05/14/02 09:17 - wlhagan (1 Response)
Edmunds.com writes, "Taking inspiration from the fearless take-no-prisoners spirit of the X Games, Honda's Model X concept was designed to meet the needs of young people whose lifestyle includes all manner of wild-and-woolly offroad adventures." [Read More]
Civic Type R racing gallery
 05/14/02 12:51 - danielgr (4 Responses)
Here is a link to a Honda Civic Type R racing gallery. There are many photos of the TOCA and STC champs in europe. [Read More]
TOV Video Interview with Spoon at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/15/02 00:19 - Tuan (1 Response)
At the Zigzag Asia/Best Motoring booth, we had a chance to talk to Ichishima-san, the President of Spoon Motorsports, about the Spoon S2000 race car and his company. Taro Koki, President of Zigzag Asia, is translating for us. There are 3 parts. [Read More]
Honda Wins Four "Engine Of The Year" Awards 2002
 05/15/02 10:29 - jvdmeer (6 Responses)
Awards were won by the:
Insight (twice) (Best Fuel Economy, Best Sub 1 litre awards)
Civic Hybrid (Best 1.0-1.4 litre award)
S2000 (1.8-2.0 litre award) [Read More]
Acura Integra tops (in this list) of most stolen vehicles
 05/15/02 23:30 - Tuan  
While not exactly surprising, it's not something that is good to hear. They use a different metric in this list, so the normal front runners like the Accord and Camry are not on there. The The Prelude is 4th. Be careful out there. [Read More]
Honda considers building plant to meet demand
 05/16/02 07:02 - JR  
Car & Driver Review of the Honda Pilot EX
 05/16/02 18:30 - danielgr  
2003 Honda Pilot Pricing
 05/16/02 21:55 - JeffX  
Another fake '03 Accord Photo
 05/17/02 17:47 - JeffX (8 Responses)
New colors for Honda 2003 Civic Si, Accord, etc.
 05/17/02 23:58 - Anonymous (12 Responses)
Civic Touring Car Specs
 05/19/02 17:02 - danielgr (3 Responses)
TOV Video Interview with ACT at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/20/02 00:15 - Tuan  
TOV Video Interview with Tokico at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/20/02 00:18 - Tuan  
TOV Video Interview with JG Edelbrock at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/20/02 00:20 - Tuan  
TOV Interview with Thermal Research at 2002 SEMA IAS
 05/20/02 01:13 - Tuan  
Spy Photo of 2003 Accord Coupe!
 05/20/02 15:14 - Tuan (106 Responses)
Speed GT Results at Mosport International Raceway
 05/20/02 17:50 - danielgr  
TOV Interview with Ingalls Engineering
 05/21/02 22:25 - Tuan  
TOV Interview with BF Goodrich
 05/21/02 22:31 - Tuan  
TOV Interview with Electromotive
 05/21/02 22:35 - Tuan  
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TOV Video: 2017 Honda Ridgeline ride along
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2017 Honda Ridgeline PR Photo Gallery
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First Drive: 2017 Acura NSX(!)
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2017 Acura NSX PR Photo Gallery
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TOV Video: Guy Melville-Brown talks about the 2016 Civic Coupe design
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TOV Video: John Hwang introduces the 2016 Civic Coupe
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